What is a No-Hitter in Baseball?

A no-hitter in baseball is a game in which no player on an opposing team gets on base as a result of hitting a pitch. No-hitters are rare. Only 316 have happened in Major League Baseball from 1876 to date. This article will answer common questions you might have about no-hitters. What is a no-hitter? … Read more

What is the Mercy Rule in Baseball?

Don’t understand why your game ended early? It may have been because of the Mercy Rule. The definition of a Mercy Rule is when the game ends early because your team is winning or losing by a large amount. The amount of runs and number of innings that this happens in depends upon your league. … Read more

Smallest MLB Stadiums

As a baseball fan, there’s nothing quite like watching a game at a large, imposing stadium. But for those looking for a more intimate experience, there are some much smaller stadiums in MLB. Here are the 10 smallest stadiums in the league, based on seating capacity. 10. Comerica Park Comerica Park is located in Detroit, … Read more

Composite Bats vs. Aluminum

The main differences between composite and aluminum alloy bats are that composite bats are lighter than aluminum ones, composite bats lack the recognizable “ping” sound of metal bats, and composite bats require a break-in period before they perform at peak levels. Even though the two different types of bats have their differences, both have different … Read more

How Much Does a Baseball Weigh?

It is a question commonly heard in a quiz and answered by baseball fanatics… how much does a baseball weigh? The answer is that it weighs between 5 and 5.25 oz, or 142 and 149 grams. Made from cork and rubber core and tightly wrapped yarn, two tight-fitting pieces of white leather are sewn together … Read more