MLB Player Heights

MLB Players tallest shortest

One of the many fascinating aspects of baseball is the players themselves, particularly their height. For years, people have wondered about the correlation between height and success in the sport. Are taller players more successful? Do shorter players have an advantage in certain positions? To answer these questions and more, we’ve analyzed the data and … Read more

Best Baseball Gloves

baseball gloves

Are you in the market for the best baseball glove but don’t know where to start? This guide has all the information you need to make an informed decision when purchasing your next glove. From your position to size and fit, we’ll break down the key factors to consider when selecting the right glove for … Read more

Best Batting Gloves for Baseball

batting gloves

Every baseball player knows that the right kind of batting glove can make a huge difference in their hitting performance. Quality gloves provide support and protection to the hands while allowing you to maintain excellent grip on their bat.  We’ve put together our top picks for best batting gloves in each price range so that … Read more

Joe DiMaggio Quotes

Joe Dimaggio qutoe

Joe DiMaggio was one of the most iconic players in Major League Baseball history. His dedication to the game, hard work and determination have inspired generations of athletes past, present and future. It is not surprising that so many famous quotes are attributed to Joe DiMaggio – his words on devotion, humility and commitment paint … Read more

1980 Phillies Roster

Philadelphia Phillies

The Philadelphia Phillies were one of the most dominant teams in baseball during the early 1980s. Led by superstars like Mike Schmidt, Pete Rose, and Garry Maddox, the Phillies captured two NL East Division titles, two National League Pennants, and one World Series championship. The team’s success was due in part to its deep lineup … Read more

What Does ALCS Stand for in Baseball?

ALCS in baseball

ALCS in baseball stands for American League Championship Series. The ALCS is a best-of-seven playoff series played by the winners of the American League Division Series. The AL champion then advances to the World Series to face the winner of the NLCS. Wondering what else you should know about this important event in baseball? Keep … Read more

Phillies World Series Appearances

Philadelphia Phillies

The Philadelphia Phillies are one of the most historic franchises in all of baseball. Between their World Series wins in 1980 and 2008, the Phillies have cemented themselves as one of the league’s most respected teams. But what is it about this team that has led to so much success? And can they make it … Read more

Padres World Series Appearances

san diego padres

The San Diego Padres may not be the most successful baseball team out there, but they’ve had their moments. Most notably, two World Series appearances. The first in 1984 and then again in 1998. While they didn’t manage to take home the championship either time, it’s still an impressive feat for a team that often … Read more

Aaron Judge vs. Roger Maris

Aaron Judge vs Roger Maris

What would happen if Aaron Judge faced off against Roger Maris in a homerun derby? While we’ll never know, we can see how these two sluggers stack up against each other statistically. Let’s take a closer look! Best Single Season Stats Roger Maris Single Season Stats Aaron Judge* 161 Games Played 157 590 At bats … Read more

Can You Tie in Baseball?

baseball tie game

There are a lot of sports where games can end in a tie. Football has ties. Soccer matches often end in ties. But can baseball games end in a tie? The answer is yes, but it is complicated. There are several factors that can lead to a tie, but it is a rare event in … Read more

How to Read a Baseball Scoreboard

Baseball Scoreboard

Do you know how to read a baseball scoreboard? Most fans know the basics, but there is more to it than just reading the score. In this post, we will teach you how to read a baseball scoreboard and what all of the abbreviations and terms mean. So, if you’re looking to brush up on … Read more

What is a Checked Swing

checked swing

Have you ever watched a batter start a swing and then try to hold the bat back? You have then watched a batter try to check their swing. As a batter, you have fractions of a second to make a decision about when you swing your bat, how you swing your bat, and where you … Read more

Passed Ball vs Wild Pitch

baseball wild pitch passed ball

Part of the charm of baseball is the human element. Hitters miss pitches, runners get picked off and throws sometimes miss the mark. Runners advance and score because of passed balls and wild pitches. So what is the difference?  The main difference between a passed ball and a wild pitch is to whom the mistake … Read more

What is a Foul Ball in Baseball?

baseball foul pole

A foul ball can make or break a play, a game, or a season. Sometimes you will see a batter hit a screaming foul ball that lands 400 feet from home plate and then the next swing is the third strike. For the most part, foul balls are pretty easy to call or determine. In … Read more

What is a Complete Game in Baseball?

Complete Game in Baseball

A complete game in baseball is a baseball statistic awarded to a player that pitches the entire game for their team, regardless of how many innings are played. For a pitcher to earn a complete game, they must also be the only player on their team to pitch, with no other teammate throwing a pitch … Read more

What is a Perfect Game in Baseball?

baseball pitchers mound

A perfect game in baseball happens when a pitcher gets every opposing batter out without anyone reaching base the entire game. Over a 9-inning game, each team gets three outs per inning for a total of 27 outs. If a pitcher gets all 27 outs without one batter reaching base for any reason, then that … Read more

Tagging Up In Baseball

Tagging Up In Baseball

Baseball rules are relatively simple. However, there are some nuances of the rules that players young and old have a hard time remembering in the moment. Sometimes these rules can make or break a big inning for your team. The rules for tagging up are one of those plays. It is important for your team … Read more

What Is a Force Out in Baseball?

baseball force out

The force out is one of the most fundamental concepts in baseball and is based on the idea that two base runners cannot occupy the same base simultaneously. A force out is a play when the defense records an out without actually having to “tag” a runner, catch a fly ball in the air, or … Read more

Most Important Position in Baseball

baseball infield positions

There are a lot of opinions about positions in baseball. Some of those opinions deal with the degree of difficulty of each position. This discussion, instead, is about which positions are the most important. While we know that every position is important and necessary to play a game, what is the order of their importance … Read more

What is OBP in Baseball?

baseball player on base

OBP is a baseball statistic used to measure on-base percentage. On-base percentage is different than a batting average in that it evaluates how often a player reaches base. You will find that players can reach base in several different ways. Most of these ways are not included in the batting average.  Coaches may prefer to … Read more

How Many World Series Have the Mets Won?

new york mets logo

The New York Mets are a professional baseball team that competes in the National League East division of Major League Baseball. The Mets were founded in 1962 and have won two World Series championships, in 1969 and 1986. The Mets also appeared in the 2000 World Series, but lost to the crosstown rival New York … Read more

Fenway Park Capacity

Fenway Park 1

Fenway Park, home of the Boston Red Sox, is renowned for being one of the smallest ballparks in Major League Baseball. It’s also the oldest baseball stadium still in use today. Its capacity has fluctuated throughout the years, but it currently seats just over 37,000 fans (37,755 for night games and 37,305 for day games). … Read more

How Does Baseball Work: The Basics


Baseball is a sport with many details, therefore it can seem complicated when you are first learning the game. Not only do you need to learn the positions and the rules, but you also need to learn the terminology. Learning the game can be complicated at first, but this article will help you understand the … Read more

What is Slugging Percentage in Baseball?

baseball player hitting

If you are a fan of baseball, you may have heard of the term slugging percentage before. Slugging percentage (SLG) is one statistic used to describe how well a particular hitter is hitting, specifically for power. Slugging percentage measures the total number of bases a batter records per at-bat. This statistic is different from the … Read more

What is a DH in Baseball?

Designated hitter DH in baseball

DH stands for designated hitter and is a player who bats in place of the pitcher in a professional baseball lineup. This means the pitcher does not bat, and the designated hitter does not play a defensive position. This is the one rule in baseball that allows for a player to bat in the game … Read more

What Is an Error in Baseball?

baseball error

An error in baseball is a statistic assigned to defensive players when they make a mistake with a ball hit in play that benefits the opposing team. Once the play has concluded, someone known as an official scorer makes a judgment on the play, deciding whether the fielder’s mistake should or should not have happened. … Read more

Baseball Hitting Tips

Batter hitting a baseball

This article will provide general tips for becoming a better hitter. This article will cover the concepts of confidence, routines, reading the pitcher, understanding your role, and understanding the strike zone. Additionally, this article will cover the basic fundamentals of hitting, how to hit for more power, and how to choose the appropriate equipment. If … Read more

What is a Balk in Baseball?

baseball pitcher balk

Have you ever seen a pitcher start to throw to first base in a pickoff move and then stop as if he were confused about what to do? If so, you may have witnessed a Balk. But what is a Balk in baseball? And, more importantly, what does it mean for the game? There are … Read more