The Top 3 Best Fastpitch Softball Bats For 12U In 2023

Written by Mark Bailey
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The goal of any great 12u fastpitch softball bat should be to support the growth and development of the youth. You want a bat that offers speed, control, and balance as your kids learn the basics of batting and develop the skills to move on to heavier bats.

Finding the perfect bat for your 12u players can be difficult with the vast number of options available.

We’ve compiled a list of our three best fastpitch softball bats for 12u in 2022 in an attempt to help guide you to your perfect bat.

Each bat on this list is designed for performance and assistance in the zone and will be a fantastic addition to your softball batting experience

If you’re looking for a softball bat for other age groups, make sure you also check out our best softball bats article for the top picks in both fastpitch and slowpitch.

Our Top 3 Best Fastpitch Softball Bats for 12u

1. Louisville Slugger 2022 RXT X20 (-10) Fastpitch Bat

Louisville Slugger 2020 RXT X20

Five StarsAmazon

The fully composite barrel is designed to ensure a better pop feel when contact with the ball is made. This bat is a two-piece design that features a spring-loading connection system for the purpose of improving the feel of the bat while in use.

With a COPA performance end cap, this bat has extended the sweet spot to offer you better connection possibilities. This bat’s grip is specifically designed to offer you more control and a better-balanced device.

Our Review

This is one of the most balanced softball bats we’ve encountered. The two-piece connection helps support the end weight while offering sturdy control via the handle. The grip itself helps absorb shock and promotes easier handling.

There’s something about the way a well-balanced bat feels when in use that is simply unmatched, and this bat certainly has that feel.

Louisville Slugger bats have proved time and time again that they are of the highest quality and a great way to support any player of all ages. This 12u softball bat is one of their finest designs, as you can tell it cares about the players.

Even down to the details that aren’t related to performance, this bat supplies it all. The pop that comes from this composite barrel makes hitting even more satisfying.

Customers who have purchased this bat cannot get enough of it, citing balance and control as their favorite features. This bat simply feels right to hold, let alone use.

We did notice that this bat is more focused on providing a light and balanced swing. If you’re looking for a bat that utilizes its own weight to provide strength behind the swing, this might not be the bat for you.

If you want a lightweight and balanced bat that’s easy to control and provides a nice pop, then Louisville Slugger once again has your back.


  • All features are designed to make the bat balanced
  • The grip offers great control
  • COPA performance end cap
  • Extended sweet spot


  • Not designed for weight behind swing

2. DeMarini 2022 Spryte (-12) Fastpitch Bat

DeMarini 2020 Spryte

Four and a Half StarsAmazon

This bat is an extension of DeMarini’s adult models with similar features that make their larger bats so great. The barrel is made of 100% composite material, which offers a better feel when contact is ultimately made.

Much like with the Louisville Slugger model, this bat is designed to limit and prevent negative vibrations felt in the hands during contact. The D-Lite handle that DeMarini uses offers extended control throughout the swing.

Our Review

This softball bat utilizes the two-piece construction better than any we’ve seen prior. The balance that this bat provides and the high performance felt from the construction are incredible—this bat is fun to hold.

One of the most annoying aspects of many composite bats is the sting and vibration from when contact is made. This bat eliminates that vibration through the Big-D end cap and the D-Lite handle, promoting better contact and a more secure grip.

The control we had when using this bat was another exciting feature as it felt easy to hold the bat throughout the swing. Connection with the ball is inspired by many of the features of this bat, as it’s designed to grow the youth of softball and their abilities. It’s designed to be lightweight and provide a well-balanced and smooth swing.

The barrel is made out of 100% composite material, which helps the performance of this bat greatly. This allows younger players to focus on their speed and swing control as they practice and grow. Also, for this purpose, this bat is designed to be lighter and provide a smoother, quicker swing when in use.


  • Big-D end cap removes vibration
  • D-Lite handle improves swing control
  • Superior two-piece connection
  • 100% composite barrel


  • Not much pop has yet introduced

3. Rawlings 2022 Quatro Composite Fastpitch Softball Bat (-10, -9)

Rawlings 2019 Quatro Composite

Four and a Half StarsAmazon

This composite barrel softball bat utilizes a longitudinal flex component to provide a trampoline effect during contact. This helps send the ball further using less force. The trampoline effect is implemented throughout the whole of the barrel. With a suspended inner barrel, this bat focuses more on swing speed than swing weight. The bat’s focus flex helps lessen barrel drag while still dampening the negative vibrations from contact.

Our Review

This fastpitch softball bat is all about the new features it provides. Older models of the Rawlings Quatro bat were great, but this one has gone above and beyond with its improvements. It’s made three major enhancements from the previous models: longitudinal flex, suspended inner barrel, and focused flex. These three aspects are what make the performance of this fast-pitch softball bat so appealing.

The longitudinal flex offers a trampolining effect which can be quite useful to younger players, especially because this bat focuses on speed rather than strength. It helps bounce the ball off the barrel better and send it further. The focus flex allows you to keep the speed of the swing up while continuing to lessen the sting from the ball, which can leave you not wanting contact.

With a suspended inner barrel, you get better swing speeds and more control while in the zone. This improved speed and control is an amazing aspect that many 12u bats tend to lose. While the balance isn’t as great as the other two bats on our list, the control and speed certainly make up for it.


  • Longitudinal flex offers a trampoline effect
  • A suspended barrel provides faster speed
  • Focus flex keeps drag down and dampens the sting


  • Not too many sizes and drop options
  • The end cap doesn’t provide much in terms of performance

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