Can You Tie in Baseball?

baseball tie game

There are a lot of sports where games can end in a tie. Football has ties. Soccer matches often end in ties. But can baseball games end in a tie? The answer is yes, but it is complicated. There are several factors that can lead to a tie, but it is a rare event in … Read more

What is a Foul Ball in Baseball?

baseball foul pole

A foul ball can make or break a play, a game, or a season. Sometimes you will see a batter hit a screaming foul ball that lands 400 feet from home plate and then the next swing is the third strike. For the most part, foul balls are pretty easy to call or determine. In … Read more

Tagging Up In Baseball

Tagging Up In Baseball

Baseball rules are relatively simple. However, there are some nuances of the rules that players young and old have a hard time remembering in the moment. Sometimes these rules can make or break a big inning for your team. The rules for tagging up are one of those plays. It is important for your team … Read more

What Is a Force Out in Baseball?

baseball force out

The force out is one of the most fundamental concepts in baseball and is based on the idea that two base runners cannot occupy the same base simultaneously. A force out is a play when the defense records an out without actually having to “tag” a runner, catch a fly ball in the air, or … Read more

What is a DH in Baseball?

Designated hitter DH in baseball

DH stands for designated hitter and is a player who bats in place of the pitcher in a professional baseball lineup. This means the pitcher does not bat, and the designated hitter does not play a defensive position. This is the one rule in baseball that allows for a player to bat in the game … Read more

What is a Balk in Baseball?

baseball pitcher balk

If you’re a fan of baseball, you’ve probably heard the term “balk” used before. But what does it mean? A balk is basically an illegal move by a pitcher. But there are several different things that can constitute a balk, so let’s take a closer look at what they are. What is a Balk The … Read more

Drawing a Line in Baseball

Drawing a line

When you watch a game, you may see a batter draw a line in the batter’s box.​​ What does drawing a line mean? There are several reasons why a batter might draw a line in the box. Some hitters draw a line as a means to line themselves up with home plate. Some hitters draw … Read more

How Many Baseball Games in a Season?

How many baseball games in a season

How many games are there in a baseball season? It is a simple question, but the answer can be complex. The season lasts from April until October. That’s a lot of baseball. A base schedule for a Major League season is 162 games. However, you should know that schedule could be extended or reduced in … Read more

How Do MLB Playoffs Work?

How do mlb playoffs work

Major League Baseball has a really long season. After 162 games, a set number of teams are entered into the postseason. Once teams make it into the postseason, they are then positioned into a playoff bracket. In 2022, the way that the playoffs work has changed. Knowing the changes before the end of the season … Read more

What is the Mercy Rule in Baseball?

Don’t understand why your game ended early? It may have been because of the Mercy Rule. The definition of a Mercy Rule is when the game ends early because your team is winning or losing by a large amount. The amount of runs and number of innings that this happens in depends upon your league. … Read more