What Is a Tag Out in Baseball

What Is a Tag Out in Baseball

Baseball is a popular sport that has been played for over a century. As with any sport, there are specific rules and strategies that players and fans need to understand in order to fully enjoy the game. One of the key concepts in baseball is the “tag out,” which occurs when a defensive player tags … Read more

What Is a Position Player in Baseball?

What Is a Position Player in Baseball

In baseball, there are a couple of different types of players. You have pitchers, position players, hitters, and pinch runners. Each player has roles that they play for the greater good of their team. Pitchers have only one thing to focus on when pitching. Pinch runners also only have to focus on running the bases. … Read more

What Is a Fifth Infielder in Baseball?

what is a fifth infielder in baseball

In baseball, a defensive shift is used to predict where the hitter will hit the ball. If there is a left-handed hitter up to bat and he likes to pull the ball, the defense could choose to bring in a fifth infielder to cover up any potential hole.  A fifth infielder is used as a … Read more

What Is a Pinch Runner in Baseball?

What Is a Pinch Runner in Baseball

Pinch running is a way for teams to replace a base runner with a different player. This method can be used for many different reasons.  In most instances, a pinch runner is brought in for more speed on the base path. A pinch runner can also be used sometimes to protect players from injury while … Read more

What Is a Battery in Baseball?

What Is a Battery in Baseball

Have you ever heard the term “battery” in baseball? There’s a good chance you’ve heard it before and had no idea what it referred to. The battery is another way of referring to both the pitcher and the catcher.  This post will give you a better understanding of the term “battery” and how it’s incorporated … Read more

What Are The Unwritten Rules of Baseball?

what are the unwritten rules of baseball

In all sports, there are some forms of “unwritten rules.” This refers to something that is more of an expectation or a tradition than an actual rule.  In basketball, it is an unwritten rule for a team to dribble the clock out if they are winning by a lot at the end of the game. … Read more

What Is a Full Count in Baseball?

What Is a Full Count in Baseball

Each at-bat is an individual battle between a pitcher and a hitter. But however fun those matchups might be, baseball recognizes that the game must maintain a sensible pace of play. At the same time, the sport needs some drama too. All of this brings us to the full count.  It can be considered either … Read more

What Is a Pull Hitter in Baseball?

What Is a Pull Hitter in Baseball

In baseball, there are several ways to describe hitters. We’ve covered clutch hitters, contact hitters, and switch hitters; now, let’s talk about pull hitters. Players who are considered pull hitters can be effective, but they can also be very predictable, so defenses and pitchers can figure them out easily. When we mention the term “pull … Read more

What Is a Clutch Hitter in Baseball?

What Is a Clutch Hitter in Baseball

As kids, our baseball daydreams always somehow include a big-time hit with two outs in the 9th inning, don’t they? For the big dreamers, it’s a walk-off hit to win the World Series. We’ve all been there. But why do we dream of being the ones to succeed in the face of immense pressure when … Read more

1980 Phillies Roster

Philadelphia Phillies

The Philadelphia Phillies were one of the most dominant teams in baseball during the early 1980s. Led by superstars like Mike Schmidt, Pete Rose, and Garry Maddox, the Phillies captured two NL East Division titles, two National League Pennants, and one World Series championship. The team’s success was due in part to its deep lineup … Read more