How to Catch a Fly Ball

how to catch a flyball

Whether you play in the infield or the outfield, you will run into a fly ball at some point. A fly ball is when the batter hits the ball up into the air. Your goal is to catch the ball before it touches the ground in order to record an out for your team. Although … Read more

Infield Drills for Youth Players

Infield Drills for Youth Players

Coaching young players to play the infield can be challenging. There are a number of skills that you are trying to teach and develop. Youth players have to learn the fundamentals, but it is also essential for them to know the reasons why the fundamentals are important. Drills don’t just offer an opportunity for players … Read more

Why do catchers throw to third base after a strikeout?

Why do catchers throw to third base after a strikeout

One common occurrence in the game of baseball is for the catcher to throw to third base after recording a strikeout. This practice, known as “throwing around the horn,” serves a few purposes. It helps to keep the infielders’ arms warm and loose, improves communication and teamwork skills between players, and provides a way to … Read more

What is a Fielder’s Choice in Baseball?

What is a Fielder's Choice in Baseball

What is a fielder’s choice in baseball? This question has been asked by many people who are new to the sport. A fielder’s choice occurs when a defensive player decides which baserunner to put out, depending on the circumstances. This can happen in different ways, but it usually happens when the defense has several options … Read more

How to Play Right Field in Baseball

right fielder

How to play right field The right field is an outfield position in baseball. This position is typically located on the right side of the outfield. Moreover, the fielder usually stands about halfway between the wall and the infield. A right fielder takes pride in his position as he has one of the strongest arms … Read more

How to Play Left Field in Baseball

left fielder in baseball

How to play left field Left field is one of the nine positions on a baseball field. It is a part of the outfield and plays a different role compared to infielders. Left fielders usually try to catch balls hit in the air, while infielders field balls hit on the ground. This position is pretty … Read more

How to Play Center Field in Baseball

how to play center field

How to play center field In a baseball game, there are nine positions that must be manned. All of these positions hold their own responsibilities and are unique from one another. Center field is a crucial part of the defense and can make or break a baseball team. Let’s take a deeper look into the … Read more

How to Play Shortstop in Baseball

How to play shortstop

How to play shortstop The shortstop is the main position in the infield. Usually, the player with the best range of skills is found in this position. SS (Short Stop) is located between the 3rd and 2nd bases. According to the score sheet, this position is labeled as the number 6. Many shortstops are some … Read more

How to Play First Base in Baseball

How to Play First Base

How to play first base Unlike many other positions, first base has its role focused on one main thing—catching the ball. The first base’s main job is to have a foot on the base and catch the ball at the same time. Many balls are hit in the infield. If one hits the ground, the … Read more

How to Play Second Base in Baseball

How to Play Second Base

How to Play Second Base Second base (2B) is an interesting position as it has some unique roles compared to other positions. It is located in the infield part of a baseball field. This position always sees fast-paced action, such as ground balls and line drives. It takes a deep skillset to find success in … Read more