Most Important Position in Baseball

baseball infield positions

There are a lot of opinions about positions in baseball. Some of those opinions deal with the degree of difficulty of each position. This discussion, instead, is about which positions are the most important. While we know that every position is important and necessary to play a game, what is the order of their importance … Read more

What is an Error in Baseball?

baseball error

An error in baseball is a statistic assigned to defensive players when they make a mistake with a ball hit in play that benefits the opposing team. Once the play has concluded, someone known as an official scorer makes a judgment on the play whether the fielder’s mistake should or should not have happened. Those … Read more

What is the Ready Position in Baseball?

Ready Position in Baseball

The ready position in baseball is the position defenders are in just before contact with the ball is made by the batter. The ready position is a very important position for all defenders because it best prepares you to react and make a play on a batted ball. This article will discuss what a good … Read more

How to Throw a Baseball for Beginners

throwing a baseball

Playing baseball requires several different skills. Knowing how to hit and run are important on offense. Knowing how to catch is important on defense. Equally important is being able to throw effectively. A fielder with a great glove may do your team no favors if they can’t throw the ball as well. You will notice … Read more

How to Catch a Baseball for Beginners

In theory, baseball is a simple game. You throw the ball, hit the ball, and catch the ball. There are a lot of skills involved in each aspect of the game. Whether you are interested in getting better as a player or simply trying to have a catch in the yard, there are some fundamental … Read more

What Are the 5 Skills in Baseball?

Baseball Skills

The five skills of baseball are running, fielding, throwing, hitting, and hitting for power. This article will describe these skills in detail, and explain the terminology and strategy for players to succeed. Running Running is most important for offensive players. When a player makes a hit, he will begin to run to first base. In … Read more