7 Strategies for Reducing Screen Time During Baseball Season

Written by Mark Bailey
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Balancing screen time with outdoor activities is a common challenge, especially during baseball season. With the rise of digital distractions, it’s more important than ever to keep our kids engaged in physical activities and social interactions. This post will provide practical strategies to help reduce screen time and encourage more active participation in baseball.

1. Establish Screen-Free Zones

Creating designated screen-free areas in your home can encourage kids to focus on other activities. Consider making the living room, dining area, and bedrooms screen-free. Enforcing these zones can be easier with a few strategic moves, like removing chargers and setting up physical activities in these areas. For example, placing a bookshelf or a puzzle table in the living room can redirect their attention to non-digital entertainment.

2. Create a Daily Schedule

Having a structured daily routine that includes specific times for screens and outdoor play can be incredibly beneficial. An example schedule might include slots for homework, chores, baseball practice, and free time. Consistency is key, as it helps kids adjust to less screen time. This approach not only reduces screen dependency but also teaches time management and discipline.

3. Set a Good Example

Parents’ screen habits can significantly influence their children’s behavior. If you’re constantly on your phone or computer, your kids are likely to mimic that behavior. Try to model good screen habits by reading books or engaging in hobbies.

Personal Anecdote: I noticed my son was becoming glued to his tablet after school, mirroring my habit of checking emails right after work. I decided to switch my routine to reading a book or working on a hobby during that time. Surprisingly, he started showing interest in reading his own books and working on puzzles instead of reaching for his tablet.

4. Encourage Outdoor Play

Outdoor play is essential for physical health and social skills development. Encourage your kids to spend time outside by providing ideas for activities they can do alone or with friends. Activities like scavenger hunts, bike rides, or simple backyard games can be very appealing. The key is to emphasize the fun aspect of unstructured playtime, which allows kids to explore and use their imagination.

5. Integrate Baseball into Everyday Activities

Incorporating baseball-related activities into daily routines can be both fun and educational. Practicing drills in the backyard or watching professional games together can strengthen your child’s love for the sport.

Personal Anecdote: Last summer, we started a tradition of “Sunday Baseball Drills” in our backyard. Not only did it improve my son’s skills, but it also became a cherished family activity. We’d follow up with watching a game on TV, making it a full baseball-themed day that didn’t feel like screen time.

6. Use Screen Time as a Reward

Screen time can be an effective reward for completing tasks or good behavior. Setting up a reward system that motivates kids to earn their screen time can help regulate their usage. For instance, you can create a chart where they earn points for chores or homework completed, which can then be exchanged for screen time. Just ensure that the rewards are balanced and don’t lead to excessive screen time.

7. Promote Reading and Creative Activities

Reading and engaging in creative activities like drawing, crafting, or building projects have numerous benefits. Making these activities appealing can be as simple as choosing books related to their interests or providing fun craft kits. These activities serve as a calming alternative to screens and can help develop their creativity and cognitive skills.


Reducing screen time and encouraging active participation in baseball and other physical activities is crucial for our kids’ overall well-being. Share your own tips or experiences in the comments below, and let’s create a supportive community of baseball moms helping each other out!