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Hey fellow baseball fanatic, and welcome to Baseball Bible. So who are we, and what is our mission here? Let me tell you.

Baseball Bible was founded in 2019 with one sole purpose; to provide passionate Baseball players with reviews and guides to finding the best baseball bats and baseball accessories available to buy.

I hope from your visit so far that you think we’re doing a good job. So who is behind Baseball Bible?

Mark Bailey

mark bailey

Hey! Welcome to the site; I am the webmaster and content editor. I’ve been a lover of Baseball since I was a young child. You might find that a bit strange when I tell you I’m from England, but it’s true! I have to give all the credit to my father, who also caught the baseball bug at a young age and passed it on to me.

You might also be surprised to hear that we do have an official baseball league over here, the British Baseball League, and an official governing body, the British Baseball Federation.

I played in my local youth baseball league as a child and we did actually have some British Baseball League scouts come to one of our games; sadly, I sucked that day. There goes my MLB career!

I’m older now, so my hopes of becoming the next Babe Ruth are over (ha, right), but I still love to pick up a bat and hit some balls out of the park…or at least close to out of it.

I’m now channeling my passion off the field by writing articles and reviews on the latest baseball products on the market.