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Understanding baseball: the essential rules that shape the game.


Crunching numbers: delving into the stats that define baseball.


Speak the game: baseball slang every fan should know.


Learn all about your favorite MLB ballpark.


Inspirational words from baseball legends to motivate and reflect.


A deep dive into the cultural intricacies and traditions of baseball.


Unpacking baseball’s key positions, roles and strategies.


Effective training, drills, skills and instruction to enhance your game.


Find the perfect gear for your next game.

Our Mission

Baseball Bible is your ultimate guide to understanding and mastering baseball. Our mission is to demystify the sport’s complexities, offering in-depth insights ranging from basic rules to advanced plays. Whether you’re deciphering statistics, exploring ballparks, or seeking expert training advice, our comprehensive resources cater to both rookies and seasoned players. With detailed equipment reviews, cultural deep-dives, and inspirational quotes, we’re dedicated to enhancing every fan’s knowledge of the game and igniting their passion. We invite you to explore the site and delve into the comprehensive resources we’ve curated for every baseball fan.

Meet the Founder: Mark Bailey

A New Jersey resident with a passion rooted in pinstripes, Mark Bailey is the founder and dedicated Managing Editor of Baseball Bible. As a Little League powerhouse, he consistently led in home runs, showcasing prowess as both a catcher and 2nd base player. A die-hard New York Yankees fan, Mark founded Baseball Bible to make baseball knowledge accessible to all. His mantra? “Baseball made simple.” At Baseball Bible, Mark ensures everyone can grasp the essence of the game, from rookies to seasoned fans.

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Meet the Team

Meet the dedicated minds behind Baseball Bible, each bringing their unique expertise and passion for the game.

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Creed Anthony
Marvin Moore
Nolan Hauser

How We Review Products

At Baseball Bible, our product reviews are grounded in thorough research, hands-on testing, and expert collaboration. We meticulously select the latest baseball equipment and gear relevant to our readers. Each product is tested firsthand by our team, ensuring reviews based on authentic experiences. We regularly consult with seasoned baseball professionals to gain deeper insights. Importantly, we believe in transparency; any partnerships or free products are disclosed to maintain unbiased perspectives. Additionally, we value side-by-side comparisons and cherish feedback from our community, all aiming to guide you best in your baseball journey.