What Are Box Seats at a Baseball Game?

Discover the Ultimate Baseball Experience: An Insider's Guide to Box Seats
Written by Mark Bailey
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Box seats at a baseball game refer to a specific seating area that offers a more private and often more comfortable viewing experience. Typically located closer to the field, these seats are usually part of a small sectioned-off area, providing fans with a semi-private space to enjoy the game.

  • Box Seats is a term used to describe various types of seating at baseball games, such as Luxury Suite Boxes, Field Level Box Seats, and Club Box Seats.
  • The origin of the phrase “Box Seat” dates back to theaters in the 1800s, where premium seats were separated from the rest by a low-profile wall or box.
  • The best type of box seat depends on preference; some may prefer Luxury Suites for their amenities, while others might want closer proximity to Club Box seats.
  • Baseball boxes can be found above field level (Luxury) or alongside general admission (Field/Club).
  • Amenities vary depending on which type is chosen but often include private entrance, bathroom access, and food & drink packages for luxury suites.

Box Seats is a general term that can mean a handful of different types of seats at a baseball game. The Luxury Suite Boxes that sit well above the field level are often considered “Box Seats,” but there are also Field Level Box Seats and Club Box Seats.

In general, the Luxury Suite boxes are considered the most premium seats because there is both indoor and outdoor seating within the box, and there are often food and drink packages that go along with having the box seat.

Conversely, Field Level Box seats are closer to the action than a Luxury Suite Box, but those seats tend to be exclusively outdoors and do not come with the same amenities as a Luxury Suite would.

On the other hand, Club Box seats are the closest to the field of any seat and sometimes do come with some of the Luxury Suite amenities depending on the stadium. 

Where did box seats get their name?

The term “Box Seats” dates back to the 1800s in the context of baseball but probably dates even farther back than that.

In a theater, like the ones where a play or opera would be performed, venues historically had seats of 4 or 5 to the front, side, or above the stage level that the actors and singers performed on. That area was surrounded by a low-profile wall or “box” that separated the seating from the rest of the crowd. In general, all of these seats tended to be taken by the same group, and the seating was considered both private and premium.

As baseball began to take hold of America’s interest, this idea of premium box seating extended itself to baseball. “Box” seats for baseball originally were front-row seats, surrounded by a box with a private set of tables and chairs. 

What type of box seats are best?

The short answer to which Box Seats are the best depends on preference.

People who prefer to be wined and dined would probably view the Luxury Suite Box as the best box seat because it is a very private experience that comes with amenities that don’t exist for most patrons in the stadium.

However, die-hard baseball fans might view Club Box seats as the best because they can be right behind home plate and give the feeling of almost being a part of the game with the players.

Ultimately, the best Box Seat is a matter of preference, and you really can’t go wrong with either choice – the experience is just a bit different depending on the choice. 

Where are baseball box seats in the stadium? 

Box seating is located in several different spots in a baseball stadium. Luxury boxes are usually above the field level and have completely private access to the seats.

There are also Field Level Box seats that can be accessed with various seat types and are located along with other general admission seats. The Club Box seats tend to be the closest to the field of play and sometimes can have a private entrance to the seats, but can also be accessed through general admission at some stadiums. 


What amenities do box seats offer?

The amenities that Box Seats offer depend on the type of Box Seat purchased. A Luxury Suite box will have a private entrance, a private bathroom, all-you-can-eat food and drink, and indoor and outdoor seating. Club Box seats often have a similar level of amenities and can include  

What are field level box seats?

Field Level Box Seats are closer to the playing field itself and often have nice game views. Sometimes Field Level Box Seats also come with additional amenities since these are generally more premium seats than something like Upper Deck or Grandstands. Field Level Box Seats tend to be the best for attendees that enjoy paying close attention to the game and/or want to feel more part of the experience overall. 

What do you wear to box seats at a baseball game?

These days, Box Seats’ dress code is not overly formal, and it depends more on who you are attending the game with than the facility’s dress code. It is usually fine to wear your favorite team’s jersey, a polo with an embroidered team logo, or even something as simple as a t-shirt with the team’s name and logo.

You will often see more formal attire in luxury suites, but that is often due to businesspeople attending a luxury suite night straight after work rather than the people complying with the box seats’ dress code. 

How can I buy box seat tickets?

Nowadays, Box Seats can be bought directly from the team affiliates like Ticketmaster, and they can sometimes be purchased from secondary market sellers like Stub Hub, SeatGeek, or Vivid Seats. 

How much are box seats at a baseball game?

The price of box seats at a baseball game varies depending on several factors.

The biggest driver of the price of a box seat is the type of box seat being selected. Luxury Suites are the most expensive and can be more than +$1,000 to purchase. Club Box seats and Field Level Box seats are usually a bit lower priced than a luxury suite and can range anywhere from $25-$50 to $100-$200.

The price range varies significantly even after the type of Box Seat because different teams can command different prices. A given team’s opponent can also influence the price if it is a popular rivalry (think Boston Red Sox v. New York Yankees or Chicago Cubs v. St. Louis Cardinals). 

Are box seats worth it?

Like most things, the answer is that it depends! A die-hard baseball fan would almost always say that a Box Seat experience is worth it, whether that is a Luxury Suite box, a Club Box Seat, or a Field Level Seat. Other folks that might not be as into baseball might say that a Luxury Suite Box is worth it because of all of the extra amenities that go along with the Luxury Suite.

Ultimately, the only way to decide if a box seat is worth it is to purchase and see if you enjoy the experience. We do and hope to see you out there in a Box Seat sometime soon!