You’ll Never Believe What Happens to a Baseball After 12,000 Throws


Ever wondered how long a Major League Baseball lasts? The answer might surprise you! In their latest video, our favorite YouTube baseball enthusiasts take on the challenge of breaking a baseball cover by catching it repeatedly. With a date looming for Tosh in just four hours, the pressure is on. Let’s dive into their wild … Read more

Rediscovering Baseball’s Roots: A Journey Back to 1864

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Ever wondered what baseball was like in the 1800s? No? Well, you’re in for a treat anyway. In this delightful video, our favorite host dives deep into the heart of Long Island to explore Old Bethpage Village, where baseball is played like it’s 1864. This isn’t just a game; it’s a full-blown time-traveling experience, complete … Read more

The Mets’ Most Mysterious Pitching Prospect: The Legend of Sid Finch

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Was Sid Finch a Baseball Genius or a Hoax? Find Out the Truth! In the world of baseball, legends are born from extraordinary talent, iconic moments, and sometimes, clever pranks. The New York Mets, a team celebrated for their remarkable pitching talent, once introduced a prospect who was unlike any other. Enter Sid Finch, a … Read more

Get Ready to Laugh: Beach Ball Baseball Madness Returns!

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If you think baseball is fun, wait till you see it with a twist! Team Edge is back with their hilarious “Beach Ball Baseball Part 2,” and this one promises to be even wackier and more entertaining than the first. If you missed out on their initial attempt, don’t worry – this time, it’s bigger, … Read more

The Supersonic Showdown: Can a Baseball Glove Stop a Supersonic Ball?

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Hey there, baseball fanatics! Get ready for a wild ride with Destin from “Smarter Every Day.” He’s back with a thrilling experiment that pushes the boundaries of what baseballs—and baseball gloves—can handle. Remember that supersonic baseball cannon he built? The one that launches baseballs faster than the speed of sound? Well, this time, he’s aiming … Read more

You Won’t Believe These Insane Baseball Trick Shots!

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Prepare to be amazed! The dudes at Dude Perfect have done it again. Their latest video is packed with unbelievable baseball trick shots that’ll leave you jaw-dropped and eager to try them out yourself (though we recommend being a bit more cautious). Alright, let’s dive into the wild world of Dude Perfect’s baseball trick shots. … Read more

Epic Backyard Baseball Battle: Auntie Takes the Plate!

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What happens when Auntie steps up to the plate in a backyard baseball showdown? Absolute hilarity and heartwarming moments, that’s what! This video is a gem, filled with family fun, quirky commentary, and some surprisingly good baseball action. If you think your family gatherings are fun, wait until you see this. So, what’s the deal … Read more

29 Essential Items Every Baseball Player Should Keep in Their Bag

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Preparation is key to success in baseball, whether you’re an aspiring athlete or a supportive parent packing for your child’s game. A well-equipped baseball bag ensures that players are ready for anything, from routine practices to crucial matches. Here’s a comprehensive list of 29 essential items every baseball player should carry to stay ready and … Read more

Kentucky’s Hilarious Faceplant Play Scores Big!

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Who says baseball can’t be a circus? In a recent South Carolina versus Kentucky game, the Wildcats pulled off one of the most entertaining and gutsy plays we’ve seen this season. Picture this: it’s the fourth inning, Kentucky’s up by one, and they’re cooking up some creative base running that’s sure to leave you in … Read more

Caught in Controversy: Should Fans Give Kids Their Caught Baseballs?

Imagine this: you’re at a Major League Baseball game, heart pounding with excitement. The crack of the bat echoes through the stadium, and the ball soars towards you. You’ve dreamed of this moment forever. You reach out, make the catch, and hold your prize aloft in triumph. But wait! Here comes a child, sent by … Read more

Improving Your Swing: 8 Tips from the Pros

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In baseball, the swing is everything. It’s how you connect with the ball and send it flying. Whether aiming for a home run or just trying to get on base, your swing determines your success at the plate. But mastering it isn’t just about strength. It’s about technique, timing, and practice. We’ve gathered eight pro … Read more

Ohtani’s Dominance Propels Dodgers to Sweep Braves

Shohei Ohtani

In the vast expanse of Dodger Stadium, where towering shots are revered like works of art, Shohei Ohtani added another masterpiece to his growing collection. On a sun-soaked Sunday afternoon, as the Dodgers aimed to complete a sweep over the formidable Atlanta Braves, Ohtani stepped into the batter’s box and left an indelible mark on … Read more

Field of Dreams 2.0: These Backyards Are Hitting It Out of the Park

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Is This Heaven? No, It’s the Coolest Backyard Baseball Fields on Earth Imagine stepping outside your back door to find not just a lawn or a patio, but a full-blown baseball diamond, meticulously carved out of the everyday and transformed into a slice of Major League paradise. This isn’t just fantasy; for some passionate fans, … Read more

Pitcher tackles batter after he hits a home run 

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In a surprising twist during a baseball game between North Central and Weatherford College, what started as a routine home run turned into an unexpected clash on the field. The event unfolded when Josh Phillips of North Central hit a promising home run, sending the ball soaring over the fence. As the crowd cheered and … Read more

The Unhittable Pitch: Engineering the Ultimate Wiffle Ball Challenge

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Ever wonder how the pros curve a baseball or wiffle ball with jaw-dropping precision? Mark Rober, YouTube’s favorite mad scientist and engineer, dives into this phenomenon with his latest adventure that blends physics, engineering, and a dose of good old nostalgic play. In this captivating video, Mark takes us back to his childhood haunts where … Read more

The Most Savage Moments in Baseball History

Baseball isn’t just America’s pastime; it’s a sport filled with passion, intensity, and moments that leave fans on the edge of their seats. Today, we’re diving into a thrilling montage video that captures baseball at its most savage and spectacular. Each clip is a testament to the drama and excitement that baseball brings to millions … Read more

Field of Dreams 2.0: Dad Crafts Ultimate Backyard Baseball Diamond for Son!

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Ever dreamt of stepping out your back door straight onto a baseball field? That’s exactly what one dedicated dad, Jason Kidd, made happen in his own backyard. Not because he was prompted by mysterious voices like in the famous movie, but inspired by something even more powerful: the love for his son and the game … Read more

Top 5 Legendary MLB Games of All Time

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Baseball is more than just a game in America. Among the countless matches played under the bright lights and on the sprawling fields, a few stand out as great and legendary. The top five most legendary MLB games of all period decades are etched in the memories of fans and players alike for their sheer … Read more

Stealing Baseball Signs, With a Phone?

stealing baseball signs with phone

What if you could know when a player is about to steal a base just by watching the signs? That’s exactly what this fascinating video explores—an app designed to decode baseball signs using machine learning. The creator shares his journey from conceptualizing the idea two years ago to developing the app and testing it in … Read more

Indoor Baseball Adventures: A Rainy Day Turned Epic!

Indoor Baseball Adventures

Rain and cold have a way of derailing outdoor plans, but they also open the door to creativity and fun indoors, just as showcased in a delightful video I stumbled upon. In it, a father and son duo decide to transform their living room into a baseball field, complete with a new baseball set designed … Read more

2024 MLB Season Opener: Padres vs. Dodgers in Seoul, South Korea

mlb opening day south korea

The San Diego Padres and Los Angeles Dodgers are set to kick off the 2024 MLB season in Seoul, where they will compete in the inaugural Seoul Series. It’s the first time an MLB game will be played in Korea, making it a historic event. This event marks a big step in bringing baseball to … Read more

How Shohei Ohtani Can Change Pitching

Shohei Ohtani

In an era where baseball legends are often celebrated for their singular prowess, either at the bat or on the mound, Shohei Ohtani emerges as a groundbreaking figure redefining the boundaries of what a player can achieve in Major League Baseball (MLB). Unlike the traditional path taken by pitchers or hitters, Ohtani excels in both, … Read more

How Many Times Have The Arizona Diamondbacks Been To The World Series?

arizona diamondbacks world series appearances

The Arizona Diamondbacks have been to the World Series twice, achieving victory in 2001 against the New York Yankees. They will play the Texas Rangers in the 2023 World Series. 1. 2001 World Series The underdog Diamondbacks defeated the heavily favored Yankees, four games to three to win the series. This series is considered one … Read more

What Are Knickerbocker Rules in Baseball?

What Are Knickerbocker Rules in Baseball

The Knickerbocker Rules are the foundational guidelines of modern baseball, set in 1845 by the New York Knickerbocker Baseball Club. These historic rules transformed a casual pastime into a structured sport—let’s explore how they laid the groundwork for the national pastime as we know it today. The Knickerbocker Club Origins and formation The Knickerbocker Club, … Read more

What Is the Live Ball Era in Baseball?

What Is The Live Ball Era in Baseball

In the storied history of baseball, various eras have come to define the game’s evolution, each bringing unique changes and challenges. Among them, the Live Ball Era stands out as a turning point that revolutionized the sport and solidified its place in American culture. This article delves into the factors that ushered in this era, … Read more