Best Baseball Gloves

baseball gloves

Are you in the market for the best baseball glove but don’t know where to start? This guide has all the information you need to make an informed decision when purchasing your next glove. From your position to size and fit, we’ll break down the key factors to consider when selecting the right glove for … Read more

What is Raking in Baseball

What is Raking in Baseball

Raking is a slang term used in the game of baseball. A player who is raking means he is doing very well at hitting at that point in time. You might hear this term from announcers or players in the dugout: “Dang man, you have been raking this week!.” This means the player is playing … Read more

What Does DTD Mean in Baseball?

What Does DTD Mean in Baseball

Many baseball abbreviations may seem confusing at first glance. This one is rather simple: DTD stands for Day-To-Day. DTD is an abbreviation used when classifying a player’s injury status. Usually, a low-grade injury that is easily healed will result in the player being listed as DTD. The DL, or disabled list, is a list that … Read more

What Is Rice Bucket Training in Baseball?

What Is Rice Bucket Training in Baseball

A baseball player uses many different muscles to move his body effectively. Some of these muscles are never really used in other sports. One muscle that makes a huge difference is the forearm. If you want to hit the ball hard, you’re going to need to have strong forearms! If you watch a baseball game … Read more

What Is Spring Training in Baseball?

What Is Spring Training in Baseball

Spring Training is an experience like no other. Once a year, players and fans get to experience a unique month of baseball. The regular season in the MLB typically begins in the first week of April. Spring Training takes up nearly the entire month of March. In preparation for the 162-game season, all MLB teams … Read more

What Is a Can of Corn in Baseball?

what is can of corn in baseball

If you’ve ever been to a baseball game, there’s a good chance you’ve heard the phrase “can of corn” at some point. This phrase is another slang term that is commonly used in baseball. A can of corn represents an easy out for the defense. It is a good thing for the defense and the … Read more

Reasons Why Baseball Isn’t Played in the Rain

Reasons Why Baseball Isn't Played in the Rain

The old motto of the US Postal Service said that they worked no matter what, in “snow, rain, heat, or gloom of night.” MLB does not share the same passion for the weather. Baseball is that one sport where rain can make the game significantly more dangerous for players. It might make one think that … Read more

Why Do Left-Handed Pitchers Have an Advantage?

why do left-handed pitchers have an advantage

Let’s face it. It is a right-handed world. Only 10% of the world’s population is left-handed, so lefties are the ones struggling to find scissors, kitchen equipment, and computer mice that are comfortable to use. While this sounds like a disadvantage in life, in the world of baseball, being left-handed is one of the best … Read more

Why Don’t MLB Players Play in the Olympics

Why Don’t MLB Players Play in the Olympics

Children of all ages dream of Olympic greatness. They imagine standing on the gold medal podium and hearing their national anthem in the background. But what if your day job did not allow you to chase your gold medal dreams? For baseball players that have made it to the professional level, their Olympic chances have … Read more

How Many Challenges Do You Get in MLB?

How Many Challenges Do You Get in MLB

Today, all major American teams and individual sports have some form of instant replay or an appeal (or challenge) system for players and coaches to dispute an umpire’s or referee’s decision. If you had to guess which sport was one of the last to adopt this technology, which would you guess? It’s not professional bull … Read more