9 Ways to Make the Most of Rain Delays and Postponements

Written by Mark Bailey
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Rain delays and game postponements can be a real bummer for baseball moms and their little sluggers. But instead of letting the weather dampen your spirits, use these opportunities to make lasting memories and have some fun. Here are nine ways to make the most of those unexpected breaks.

1. Indoor Baseball Drills

Turn the downtime into a productive practice session with some indoor baseball drills. Clear some space in the living room or garage and focus on skills like hand-eye coordination and footwork. Use soft balls to avoid breaking anything! This is a great way to keep your little athlete engaged and improving their skills even when they can’t be on the field.

2. Family Game Night

Break out the board games or a deck of cards for a spontaneous family game night. Games like Monopoly, Uno, or Scrabble can turn a gloomy day into a fun-filled evening. Family game nights are perfect for building memories and strengthening bonds.
Personal Anecdote: I remember one rainy evening when our family decided to play Pictionary. What started as a simple game turned into a hilarious marathon of bad drawings and uncontrollable laughter. By the end of the night, we were all in stitches, and the rain delay felt like a blessing in disguise.

3. Baseball Movie Marathon

Queue up a selection of classic baseball movies and settle in for a cozy movie marathon. Films like “The Sandlot,” “A League of Their Own,” and “Field of Dreams” can keep the baseball spirit alive even when the weather isn’t cooperating. Pop some popcorn, gather some blankets, and create a mini-theater experience in your living room.

4. Baking Baseball-Themed Treats

Head to the kitchen and whip up some baseball-themed treats like cookies shaped like baseballs or cupcakes with tiny bats and gloves made from frosting. It’s a great way to bond and enjoy some delicious snacks. Plus, baking together can be a fun and educational experience for kids, teaching them basic cooking skills and the importance of following directions.

5. Scrapbooking Memories

Use the time to create a scrapbook of the season so far. Gather ticket stubs, photos, and other memorabilia to document the journey. This can be a fun project for the whole family and a cherished keepsake. Let your kids get creative with stickers, markers, and glitter to make the scrapbook unique and personal.

6. Learning New Techniques

Watch tutorial videos on new baseball techniques and strategies. YouTube is full of great instructional content that can help your child improve their game while staying indoors. Whether it’s mastering a new pitch, learning batting stances, or understanding game strategies, there’s always something new to learn.

7. Crafting Baseball Gear

Get crafty and make some DIY baseball gear or fan accessories. Decorate hats, create custom team shirts, or even make banners to support the team. Crafting can be a fun, messy, and creative way to spend a rainy day.
Personal Anecdote: One rainy afternoon, we decided to make custom team shirts. What was supposed to be a quick project turned into an all-day affair of designing, painting, and even coming up with a team chant. By the end, we had a full set of gear and a lot of great memories.

8. Virtual Hangouts with Teammates

Set up a virtual hangout session for the team. They can chat, play online games, or even have a mini practice session via video call. This keeps the team spirit strong and helps maintain connections. It’s also a great way for kids to feel like they are part of something, even when they can’t physically be together.

9. Planning Future Games

Use the time to plan future games and events. Create a calendar of upcoming matches, team picnics, and other activities. This keeps everyone organized and gives you something to look forward to. Get the kids involved in planning and let them have a say in what activities they want to do as a team.


Rain delays and postponements don’t have to be a disappointment. With a little creativity, you can turn them into opportunities for fun and bonding. Share your favorite ways to make the most of rain delays in the comments below!