Best Batting Gloves for Baseball

Our top picks for ultimate grip and performance
Written by Mark Bailey
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Every baseball player knows that the right kind of batting glove can make a huge difference in their hitting performance. Quality gloves provide support and protection to the hands while allowing you to maintain excellent grip on their bat. 

We’ve put together our top picks for best batting gloves in each price range so that no matter budget constraints or preference, everyone can find what they need!

Franklin Sports MLB 2nd-Skinz

The Franklin Sports MLB 2nd-Skinz gloves are a top choice for youth players (7-12) looking for top-quality gloves that provide a great grip, durability, and comfort. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced youth player, these gloves are sure to become your go-to choice for every game.

  • The digitally etched synthetic palm provides a superior grip on the bat, allowing you to hit with greater accuracy and power.
  • The leather heel patch adds extra durability, ensuring that you can use the gloves for multiple seasons without wearing them out.
  • The Tri-Curve® technology ensures a perfect fit, allowing you to feel comfortable and confident at the plate.
  • The centralized lycra-flex hand back allows the gloves to adapt to the needs of all players, ensuring that they can be used by players of all sizes and skill levels.
  • The cool backhand design and variety of color patterns available allow you to show off your personal style and match your team’s uniforms.

BRUCE BOLT Original Series Long Cuff

The BRUCE BOLT Original Series Long Cuff batting gloves are our top pick for adult players. With their high-quality construction and innovative design features, these gloves provide comfort, durability, and performance for adult players at all levels. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, the BRUCE BOLT Original Series Long Cuff gloves are sure to be a valuable addition to your equipment bag.

  • The BRUCE BOLT batting gloves are made with the highest quality Cabretta leather, ensuring a soft, comfortable fit that lasts for seasons.
  • The double reinforced palm and heavy duty lycra between the fingers and knuckles make these gloves the most durable on the market.
  • The patent pending double inverse cuff provides superior support and power to help prevent wrist injuries and enhance the power of your swing.
  • The gloves are specifically designed to fit the unique shape of the human hand, ensuring a comfortable and durable fit.
  • The Cabretta leather palm will not get hard or crunchy, even with regular use, and can be easily conditioned to maintain its softness.
  • The heavy duty elastic wrap in the cuff adds extra support and power to your swing.

Franklin CFX Pro

The Franklin CFX Pro gloves offer a high-quality performance at an affordable price, making them a top budget choice for adult players looking to improve their game.

  • The floating thumb technology allows for increased flexibility and adaptability in the gloves, providing a better fit and feel for the hitter.
  • The dual-layered lycra-flex bridge offers lightweight flexibility in key areas, improving the comfort and performance of the gloves.
  • The tectonic fit inserts allow for maximum flex without adding unnecessary bulk to the back of the hand, making the gloves more comfortable to wear.
  • The PITTARDS® DIGITAL® sheepskin leather maintains its softness and tactility even in harsh weather conditions, ensuring a consistent grip on the bat.
  • The QUAD-FLEX creasing helps to reduce material buildup between the hand and the bat handle, allowing for a smoother and more seamless feel on the bat.
  • The one-piece leather palm provides superior grip and a smooth, seamless feel on any bat, allowing for better control and power during swings.

Why wear batting gloves?

Batting gloves are essential pieces of equipment for any serious baseball player. Not only do they provide extra grip when batting, but they also help to protect the batter’s hands from blisters and calluses. 

The extra padding provided by a well-made batting glove can add considerable power to a swing, allowing batters to hit balls farther and harder than ever before. 

Traditionally made from leather or synthetic materials, today’s batting gloves are designed to be highly breathable while still providing maximum grip and protection. 

Constant advances in material science have enabled manufacturers to create gloves that not only improve performance but also increase comfort. A good set of batting gloves can give players a major edge over their competition.

How to choose batting gloves

With so many different batting gloves on the market, it can be tough to know which ones are the best fit for you. Here are some key factors to consider when choosing batting gloves for baseball:


There are two types of batting gloves: leather and synthetic. 

Leather batting gloves have the advantage of providing a more natural feel while delivering high-quality looks, but they can come at a higher cost and require more maintenance. 

Synthetic batting gloves tend to be cheaper but may not offer as natural of a feel and durability as leather gloves; however, they can compensate for it with their wide range of colors and stylish designs. 

Also, synthetic gloves require less maintenance compared to leather ones. 

In terms of cost, leather gloves usually carry a bigger price tag than their synthetic counterparts. 

Similarly, when it comes to durability levels, leather tends to beat out synthetic options quite often; still, if taken care of properly and maintained on a regular basis, synthetic batting gloves can last just as long as their leather counterparts. 

Regardless of which one you choose, both types can help keep your hands safe while you swing away!

Size and fit

The fit of the glove is by far the most important thing to consider when choosing a pair. Think of the gloves as an extension of your hands. They should fit snug on your hands. 

Proper sizing is crucial when it comes to batting gloves. If the gloves are too small, they will be uncomfortable and may inhibit your movement. If they are too large, they may not provide a secure grip on the bat handle. To find the right size, measure the distance from the crease on  your wrist to the tip of your middle finger. Then consult the sizing chart provided by the manufacturer.


Determine your budget for batting gloves and look for options that fit within that range. Keep in mind that higher-priced gloves may offer better quality and durability, but that isn’t always the case. Look for gloves that provide good value for the price, taking into account factors such as material, durability, and performance.


You want your batting gloves to last as long as possible, so look for ones that are made from high-quality materials and are built to withstand the rigors of the game. Consider the reputation of the manufacturer for producing durable products.

Style and design 

Batting gloves come in a wide range of colors and designs, so you can choose ones that match your personal style and preferences. Look for gloves that come in the colors and designs you like best.

Wrist closure

A secure wrist closure is essential for a good fit and preventing the gloves from slipping off during gameplay. Look for gloves with a customizable strap or closure system that allows you to adjust the fit to your liking.


During long games, hands can become sweaty and uncomfortable, which is why it’s important to choose gloves with good breathability. Look for gloves with mesh or perforated materials that allow air to circulate and keep hands cool.

Grip enhancement

Grip enhancement features can give players an extra edge at the plate. Look for gloves with silicone or rubberized textures on the palm and fingers that provide an extra tacky grip on the bat.


Padding can provide extra protection to the hands and reduce the impact of hard pitches. Look for gloves with strategically placed padding on the palm and fingers to absorb shock and prevent blisters.

Other performance factors

In addition to the above factors, there are other performance factors to consider when choosing batting gloves. One of these is moisture-wicking material, which can help keep hands dry and comfortable during games. This can help prevent the gloves from becoming heavy or slippery during play, and can also reduce the risk of blisters and skin irritation.

By considering these factors, you can find the best batting gloves for your needs and preferences, helping you to improve your performance on the field.


Do batting gloves help with hitting?

Batting gloves can help with hitting by improving the grip on the bat, and providing padding and support to the hands to reduce the impact of hard pitches and improve comfort while hitting. Some players may also feel more confident and comfortable while wearing batting gloves, which can contribute to better hitting performance overall. 

Should batting gloves be tight or loose?

Batting gloves should be snug, but not too tight. They should fit comfortably and feel like an extension of your hands. If the gloves are too loose, they may interfere with your grip on the bat and cause blisters. On the other hand, if the gloves are too tight, they may restrict your movement and cause discomfort. Therefore, it is important to find a pair of gloves that fit well and allow for a full range of motion.

How do you know what size batting gloves to get?

To determine the proper size of batting gloves, you should first measure the distance from the crease on your wrist to the tip of your middle finger. Once you have this measurement, you can consult the sizing chart provided by the manufacturer to find the corresponding glove size. It is important to note that different brands and styles of batting gloves may have different sizing charts, so it is essential to consult the specific chart provided by the manufacturer. 

What are the best brands of batting gloves?

Some popular brands for batting gloves include: Franklin, Rawlings, Mizuno, BruceBolt, EvoShield, Under Armour, Louisville Slugger, DeMarini, and Marucci.

Final thoughts

Overall, when choosing batting gloves, it is important to consider the size and fit, material, price, durability, style and design, and any additional features that may be important to you.

Proper sizing is crucial for comfort and movement, and the material of the gloves should be chosen based on your preference for natural feel or maintenance requirements.

Price is also a factor to consider, but be sure to look for value and quality as well.

Durability is important for the longevity of the gloves, and you should consider the reputation of the manufacturer.

Finally, consider the style and design of the gloves to match your personal preferences, as well as any additional features that may be important to you such as padding or wrist support.

It is important to remember that everyone’s hands are different, and what may be the perfect fit and feel for one person may not be the same for another. That is why it is important to try out different gloves to find the best fit for your needs and preferences.

Don’t be afraid to try out a variety of gloves from different brands and materials to see what works best for you. By trying out different options, you will be able to find the perfect pair of batting gloves that provide the perfect fit, comfort, and performance for your needs.

Invest a little extra time and effort in finding the best batting gloves for you, as they can make a big difference in your performance on the field.