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Insightful and Inspirational Words from the Mind of Baseball Legend and Business Mogul
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Welcome to our compilation of Alex Rodriguez Quotes! As one of the most accomplished and influential figures in the world of baseball, A-Rod has consistently inspired fans and players alike with his words of wisdom, tenacity, and passion for the game.

In this post, we’ve carefully curated a selection of his most memorable and thought-provoking quotes, shedding light on the mindset that propelled him to greatness. Delve into the insights of this baseball legend, and explore how his perspective on success, teamwork, and personal growth can resonate in your own life, both on and off the field.

Best Quotes

“I’m grateful for every day.”

“Babe Ruth is an icon, in sports and in our society.”

“This is my life.  This is my legacy.  I’m part of history.”

“I don’t care if people like me or not. Respect is more important.”

“Always follow your dreams, don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t be something.”

“I’m fighting for my life, I have to defend myself. If I don’t defend myself, no one else will.”

“My mother’s the most special person in my life. I consider her my MVP: Most Valuable Parent.”

“Anyone can forget about talent, but if you’re a good person, your name will be remembered a long time.”

“That’s what America is about, right? It’s about getting back up and not getting defined by your mistakes.”

“We have a responsibility not just as athletes, but as members of society to treat people well. To do things the right way.”

“What I’ve learned from Cal is to respect the game, respect the fans. Nothing fancy out there. Just do your job.”

“My father played baseball. That’s what I know to do. That’s my gift. God has given me the greatest gift. And that’s what I love to do.”

“I’m in a really good place.  My family… I get to spend time with my mother.  And I get to be part of the greatest organization in the world.”

“Be respectful. Treat people the way you want to be treated. Respect the lowest rank and the highest rank and you’ll never get in trouble.”

“With what has occurred in my life, the baseball field is where I feel most comfortable. That’s what I feel I was born to do and it’s what I do best.”

“Not one day goes by when I don’t remind myself of how grateful I am for those who came before me over the last 25 years. When I see players like Mike Schmidt and Johnny Bench, I thank them.”

“This is how I define grace: you’re on the main stage, and it looks like it has been rehearsed 100 times, everything goes so smoothly. That’s where I get my confidence and success, from knowing that I have an edge because I know I’m prepared.”

“You don’t have to be remembered for those mistakes. How you come back matters too. Now is the best time to be an entrepreneur, an athlete, an artist. As a young person entering the workforce, do not think in a limited way. Think in big possibilities, and no pun intended, swing for the fences.”

“What I can control is my behavior, my actions, what kind of friend I am, what kind of father I am, what kind of teammate I am.  It’s not an image, it’s a long ride and a slow burn and nothing’s going to happen easy.  What I enjoy the most is visiting high school and college kids and talking to them about the same mistakes I’ve made, and hopefully they don’t make the same mistakes.”

Famous Quotes

“I love New York.”

“I’m guilty for a lot of things.”

“I’ve been humbled by the reception I’ve received everywhere.”

“I just don’t see the light. Where is the light? What am I in this for?”

“I hate the word ‘potential’-potential means you haven’t gotten it done.”

“Playing the game was the easy part. The real work was in the preparation.”

“I believe a champion wins in his mind first, then plays the game, not the other way around.”

“I want to be the best, and the best work. You have to earn what you get, and you have to work to keep it.”

“Fear of failure is what fuels me, keeps me on edge and sharp. I’m not as good when I’m comfortable.”

“I’ve done a lot of special things in this game, and for none of that to be considered clutch, it’s an injustice.”

“Looks aren’t the number one thing. They have to have class, intelligence, then looks. If I was the ugliest SOB in the world it would be a lot easier.”

“There is a difference between image and reputation. Image is nice. Reputation is developed over an entire career. Reputation is what I’m searching for.”

“I want to be known as Dominican-that’s what I am, 100 percent. I have a duty and responsibility to continue the legacy of Dominicans in baseball.”

Baseball & Sports Quotes

“All I want to do is play baseball.”

“In baseball, 30 days is an eternity.”

“I’m never happy with my performance.”

“The only stage I need is the World Series.”

“When I grew up, baseball was the No. 1 sport.”

“I feel like I owe the Yankee fan base my A-game.”

“I had a great year and left my guts out on the field.”

“I just want to be able to communicate with my fan base.”

“Whether I hit .260 or .320, the bottom line here is to win.”

“Maintain good balance at the plate and limit movement in your head.”

“I like to score and drive in runs more than pay attention to batting average.”

“I had the greatest year of my career in 2007. It’s a year that I’m very proud of.”

“I’ve played almost 22 years in the major leagues, and I’ve never sat on the bench.”

“I’m a terrible singer. I feel lucky to play baseball. You can’t be gifted in everything.”

“I take full responsibility for the mistakes that led to my suspension for the 2014 season.”

“What I found is that experience in the World Series made me connect more with the fans.”

“You always dream about being on a baseball card. It’s kind of funny when you finally see it.”

“I want to be known as a good major-leaguer, and good major-leaguers work to become good.”

“Baseball has a funny way to tap you on the shoulder when you least expect it and tells you it’s the end.”

“I’ve learned in my career, it is much better to be recognized for all the great things you do on the field.”

“I’m very thankful to the Yankees and to Major League Baseball for allowing me to play this game.”

“I do my best hitting when I’m walking. That means I’m relaxed and my pitch recognition is a lot better.”

“People now are beginning to cheer for me. I’ve never heard that before… Maybe things are turning a bit.”

“The more you play baseball, the less depends on your athletic ability. It’s a mental war more than anything.”

“There’s no place like New York. And I found out that until you go through it for a season, you really don’t know it.”

“I don’t expect people to feel sorry for me. My teammates get more upset about the criticism and booing than I do.”

“There’s absolutely no comparisons to me or anyone else to Willie Mays. Willie Mays, he’s the greatest baseball player of all time.”

“How can I ever dog Derek Jeter? It’s impossible. There is nothing to knock. He’s a great defensive player. He’s a great offensive player.”

“I only look forward. I can’t get all caught up in what I’ve done. I still have plenty to accomplish in the game. Hopefully, I’m just scratching the surface.”

“I guess anytime you are mentioned with Hank Aaron, it is the ultimate compliment, not only as a hitter, but obviously, the great ballplayer that he was.”

“I’m excited (after hitting for the cycle), but I guess it hasn’t hit me yet. I’m only the second Mariner to do it and the other is Jay Buhner, who can’t run.”

“I went over a year without playing baseball. At 39, not playing for a year, a year and a half, there were a lot of nights I was saying, ‘This is going to be tough.’”

“Fielding is 100 percent concentration. You really have to concentrate from the time the pitcher releases the ball to when contact is made. Always be aggressive.”

“I’ve never experienced- besides the birth of my two daughters-the feeling of winning a world championship in New York in the new stadium. It’s something I’ll never forget.”

“I’d rather have a Gold Glove (Award) than a Silver Slugger (Award). Defense is so much more of a team game and one of my goals this year was to make fewer than twenty-five errors.”

“No athlete ever ends his or her career the way you want to. We all want to play forever. But it doesn’t work that way. Accepting the end gracefully is part of being a professional athlete.”

“Getting the contract helped me more than anything. I was concerned around the trading deadline and thought the Mariners would trade me for either (Jaime) Moyer or (Pat) Hentgen.”

“I need to make more contact. I struck out more than one-hundred times. I can cut down on my errors and I’d like to steal thirty or forty bags. I made a lot of dumb baserunning mistakes this year.”

“I will say this: when you take any substance, especially in baseball, it’s half mental and half physical. If you take this glass of water and you say, ‘I’m going to be a better baseball player,’ then you probably will be.”

“It’s a game that just takes so much out of you. Every aspect of your life has to be very narrow, very focused. Everything else has to go away. And because of that, I think it’s obviously not healthy. The last thing I’m looking for is sympathy.”

“I’ve never felt overmatched on the baseball field. I’ve always been a very strong, dominant position. And I felt that if I did my work as I’ve done since I was, you know, a rookie back in Seattle, I didn’t have a problem competing at any level. So, no.”

“No player should have to go through what I have been dealing with, and I am exhausting all options to ensure not only that I get justice, but that players’ contracts and rights are protected through the next round of bargaining.”

“It is hard to ignore that is reality. But, at the same time, it still comes down to sound baseball decisions, farm systems and then execution on the field by the players. There are a lot of components to that (other) than just saying it is the highest salary.”

“When people think about my career, and I played for over 22 year, they think about the 2009 championship, the home runs, the RBIs, 2000 this, 2000 that. But what they forget to tell you is I’m also fifth all-time in strikeouts. That means I have a PhD in failing.”

“Like I say, it’s almost embarrassing to talk about. I don’t know if Michael Jordan or Bill Gates or Alexander the Great or anyone is worth this type of money, but that’s the market we’re in today. That’s what Mr. Hicks decided to pay me, and now it’s time to pay him back and win a couple championships.”

“We (Derek Jeter and I) want to kill each other. I think we both drive each other and motivate each other. But, when we’re off the field, we’re like family. I think the nice thing about it is we became good friends before we even mad it to the big leagues. That makes it more of a healthy relationship.”

“We (Derek Jeter and I) always talk about getting old, gray, and fat when our careers are over and just having a good time. He’s like me. He wants to have a good time and be a good person. It’s a weird situation for us. It’s just like we’re looking in the mirror. The only difference is I’m on the West Coast and he’s on the East Coast.”

“Michael Jordan told me the way he kept the crown was by always outworking everyone else because he knew everyone was always coming after him. You can sneak up on people when you are 18, 19, 20. It’s tougher when you’re established. Before, I’d see 13, 14, 15 pitches that I could drive in a game. Now, I see one, two or three, so I have to be better.”

Inspirational Quotes

“And that crushing can be very inspiring.”

“I want to build a positive image that will last my career.”

“I’ve done a lot of growing up and realized a lot of things.”

“I never like to think about going back; I only look forward.”

“Some things are meant to be and if it was, you will know it.”

“Leadership is a role you have to earn in order to be effective.”

“When you think small and up the middle, good things happen.”

“I mean, you know, the one good thing is, I feel the truth will always set you free.”

“I want to step forward. I don’t want to step on anyone’s toes doing it. If I do, too bad.”

“When you take this gorilla and this monkey off your back, you realize that honesty is the only way.”

“Last year I would have paid anything to watch a Major League game. This year I’m playing in one.”

“You get to a point where you get tired of being stupid and selfish and not being honest with yourself.”

“This whole year has been a learning experience. There are still a lot of areas in which I think I can improve.”

“There’s no question about it. Think small, concentrate on doing the small things, and the big things will come.”

“Stay away from drugs and alcohol and all that. Make school a priority. Don’t overlook academics.”

“I just hope that as I get older, I calm down and enjoy the moment, enjoy the great gifts that God has given me.”

“I feel good today about coming forward and being honest and turning the page to the next chapter in my life.”

“We got a good win today. I’m going to be there offensively, there’s no question in my mind. But it feels good to contribute in some other way.”

“Like everyone else, I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my life. The only way I know how to handle them is to learn from them and move forward.”

“I don’t have your traditional formal education.  Mine comes through reading and passion and grit and collecting a lot of information from my mentors.  I’ve never been afraid to say, ‘I don’t know.  Can you explain that to me?”

“I’m focusing on what I haven’t attained, not what I have. A lot has come to me early. I don’t want to get consumed with that. Winners live in the present tense. People who come up short are consumed with future or past. I want to be living in the now. My goal is to play one full game in the now, but I haven’t even gotten past the first inning yet. I start thinking about where my mom is or if my dogs have been fed. The average human has 2,000 thoughts a day. The really accomplished have 1,500 because you can focus longer. I need to learn how to focus longer.

Motivational Quotes

“You must be present to win.”

“I’ve always enjoyed challenges.”

“I have incredible motivation to go out and improve every day.”

“Enjoy your sweat because hard work doesn’t guarantee success, but without it you don’t have a chance.”

“You can never be perfect in this game. Until you hit 1.000 and make no errors, you can always improve.”

“Keep reading books, stay in school. I encourage kids to read as much as they can, I challenge you to read a book every two weeks, like I try to.”

“It takes a lot of pressure off you just to go out and play, and your talent sometimes shines even more when you don’t worry about individual stuff.”

“You can have fun, respect the game and also play it hard. When you have that combination, you’re going to put yourself in a position to be successful.”

“When I arrived in Texas in 2001, I felt an enormous amount of pressure. I felt like I had all the weight of the world on top of me, and I needed to perform, and perform at a high level every day.”

“I love the challenge of the game. I love the work. My goal right now is to have a season next year that will make people forget about this one. I’ll use things like this for motivation. I’m pumped. I’m hungry.”

Life Quotes

“I’ve always said I’m a teacher at heart.”

“My style is not to challenge anything.”

“I like Jay Z, Journey, and Kings of Leon.”

“I don’t like talking about my relationships.”

“There are a lot of people who don’t like me.”

“I can’t really decide for other people what to think.”

“I don’t trust anyone except a very, very few people.”

“Therapy can be a good thing; it can be therapeutic.”

“I’ve had a Ph.D. in saying dumb things over the years.”

“Having the respect of your peers means the world to me.”

“Balsamic vinaigrette, Tabasco, and giblets. Then let it boil.”

“I kept thinking my father would come back, But he never did.”

“You can take my cars or my house, just don’t mess with my clothes.”

“The births of my two daughters were the two greatest moments of my life.”

“I’m not a real vocal guy, but sometimes you need to kick someone in the a**.”

“Why do people sing Take Me Out to The Ballgame when they’re already there?”

“Back then it was a different culture. It was very loose. I was young. I was stupid.”

“I think it’s just getting comfortable in New York City, comfortable in your own skin.”

“I’m not impulsive at all – except about buying clothes. That’s my biggest weakness.”

“Walking the streets of New York, a lot of people are cheering me on. It feels good.”

“I’m having a hard time finding a date. I don’t trust any women I meet. I’m very skeptical.”

“Eventually, my W-2 income will wind down, and my investments can actually make that up.”

“My daughters think I am a terrible cook, but I try really hard. I would really like to be a better cook.”

“I would like to help out in financial literacy for the Hispanic community and the athletic community.”

“If my life depended on it – if my daughter’s life depended on it – I’d want Mariano Rivera closing. Wouldn’t you?”

“My girls are great at making fun of Dad. They’re never impressed with anything I do. I love that. I hope that never changes.”

“Cash is like oxygen: you need it, but you don’t need too much of it. You’d rather have your money in great businesses.”

“When I entered the pros, I was a young kid in the major leagues. I was 18 years old, right out of high school. I thought I knew everything, and I clearly didn’t.”

“Well, Milwaukee is a special place to me. It’s where I started my career playing in Appleton. Getting cheered on the road is something I haven’t been use to.”

“I have a big scar in my thigh from a dog bite by my German shepherd. His name was Ripper. He was trying to get in a fight with another dog, and I tried to break it up, and he got me pretty good.”

“I had a very complex childhood, and when I met my wife, because she has a master’s in psychology, she promoted me into getting help. It really has helped. I’m not healed yet, but I’m working on some issues I had as a child.”

“You know, when I was with the Yankees and we won the world championship and you’re wearing the pinstripes, you think you are pretty cool.  But then when you hang out with Jennifer, people confuse me as a security guard all the time.”

“I always bet on the jockey, not the horse. Because business, like sports, is just about people. I want entrepreneurs and partners with a PhD. I don’t mean from Harvard or Yale, I mean Poor, Hungry and Driven. I want entrepreneurs that are gritty, that are scrappy and that can think outside the box and are winning players.”

“I truly believe my job starts the minute I leave the baseball field. Going out and catching ground balls and hitting, that’s a job, and that’s what I’ve wanted to do ever since I was a kid. But when you think about leaving that field, that’s when the job and the demands really start. In New York, Seattle, every city. The community, the media, business stuff. You have to stay on a narrow path.”

Which quotes did you find special?

All in all, Martinez’s quotes are true testaments of his wit, wisdom, and love for the game. From motivational words that serve as reminders to fight for your dreams during hard times to lengthy narratives that show what it truly means to be a dedicated athlete, these heartfelt words will remain with us long after A-Rod has retired from the game. The takeaway is this: appreciate what you have and never stop pushing yourself if you truly want something. We should always strive to reach our goals in life, no matter how difficult they may seem.

Alex Rodriguez himself has demonstrated that nothing is unachievable with hard work and dedication – so take his advice and apply it every day. Now it’s your turn! Which quotes did you find special? Feel free to share this blog post with your friends and family, start a discussion or simply express yourself by commenting below – we’d love to hear your thoughts!