How Many Times Have The Arizona Diamondbacks Been To The World Series?

Diving into the Diamondback's World Series Appearances
Written by Mark Bailey
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The Arizona Diamondbacks have been to the World Series twice, achieving victory in 2001 against the New York Yankees. They will play the Texas Rangers in the 2023 World Series.

1. 2001 World Series

The underdog Diamondbacks defeated the heavily favored Yankees, four games to three to win the series. This series is considered one of the greatest World Series of all time, with memorable aspects including two extra-inning games and three late-inning comebacks. Diamondbacks pitchers Randy Johnson and Curt Schilling were named World Series co-Most Valuable Players.

The 2001 World Series presented a riveting clash between the Arizona Diamondbacks and the iconic New York Yankees. Spanning a heart-stopping seven games, Arizona etched their name in the annals of baseball history with a hard-fought 4-3 series triumph.

The series began later than usual due to a delay in the regular season after the September 11 attacks, making it the first World Series to extend into November. The Diamondbacks won the first two games at home, and the Yankees responded with a win in Game 3. In Games 4 and 5, the Yankees made comebacks, winning in extra innings. However, the Diamondbacks won Game 6 decisively and staged a comeback in Game 7 against the Yankees’ closer Mariano Rivera. The series ended with a walk-off, bases-loaded bloop single by Luis Gonzalez, giving Arizona the championship.

  • Game 1 (October 27): Arizona set the tone at Bank One Ballpark, overpowering the Yankees in a 9-1 rout.
  • Game 2 (October 28): Riding on their initial momentum, the Diamondbacks sealed a 4-0 win, making a statement on their home turf.
  • Game 3 (October 30): At the historic Yankee Stadium, the Yankees clawed back, eking out a slender 2-1 victory.
  • Game 4 (October 31): A marathon 10-inning thriller saw the Yankees pulling ahead with a 4-3 win, tying the series.
  • Game 5 (November 1): Yet another extended duel, this 12-inning saga ended with the Yankees on top, 3-2.
  • Game 6 (November 3): Back in Phoenix, the Diamondbacks unleashed their fury, decimating the Yankees 15-2.
  • Game 7 (November 4): In the series decider, with bated breath and palpable tension, Arizona clinched the title with a close 3-2 win.

This World Series had several firsts. It was the first World Series championship for the Diamondbacks, the first World Series played in Arizona, and the first championship for a major professional sports team from Arizona. The home team won every game in this series, a rarity that had only occurred twice before. This series also held the record for the latest date that a Series ended (November 4th) until it was tied in 2009 and broken in 2022.

2. 2023 World Series

The Diamondbacks are set to take on the Texas Rangers in the 2023 World Series starting October 27th.