Field of Dreams 2.0: These Backyards Are Hitting It Out of the Park

Written by Mark Bailey
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Is This Heaven? No, It’s the Coolest Backyard Baseball Fields on Earth

Imagine stepping outside your back door to find not just a lawn or a patio, but a full-blown baseball diamond, meticulously carved out of the everyday and transformed into a slice of Major League paradise.

This isn’t just fantasy; for some passionate fans, it’s a vivid reality. Across the globe, lovers of America’s favorite pastime have taken their fandom to extraordinary lengths, crafting stunning replicas of iconic stadiums and unique fields of dreams right in their own backyards.

From handcrafted outfield walls to bases laid with precision, these personal playgrounds are more than just spaces for batting practice; they are sanctuaries, places of gathering, and above all, a testament to the love of the game.

In this feature, we’re rounding up the most impressive and inspiring backyard baseball fields that are so unbelievable, you’ll be left wondering if you’ve stepped into an alternate realm where every home comes with a view of the diamond.

1. Eric Edwards Jr.’s Field of Dreams: Where Passion Meets Play


In the Edwards’ backyard, a simple home project has evolved into something spectacular: a one-third scale baseball diamond, complete with dugouts and genuine baseball dirt. Eric Edwards Jr.’s father crafted this miniaturized version of a professional field, turning 30-foot basepaths and a cozy outfield into a vibrant venue for weekend and holiday games.


This backyard masterpiece redefines DIY achievements, making even the most humble of us pause mid-project—perhaps while struggling to hang a picture straight—and consider the magic that unfolds when dedication meets dream.

2. Eddie Zajdel’s Ever-Evolving Field of Dreams

What began as a mound of dirt in the backyard of a 14-year-old baseball enthusiast, Eddie Zajdel, has blossomed into a stunningly crafted field of dreams.

Over the years, through persistent effort and community support, Eddie transformed that initial dirt mound into a fully equipped baseball field, mirroring the specs of major league parks with a special blend of Kentucky bluegrass and professional-grade facilities, including lights and a pristine fence.

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Each summer, a new feature was added, evolving from a simple infield to a complete enclosure that beckons the community for nightly games under the lights. Reflecting on the field’s journey, Eddie feels a deep sense of accomplishment, especially on quiet evenings spent by the fire, watching friends and family revel in the space he created.

Now, with plans to host fundraisers, Eddie aims to leverage his backyard masterpiece for greater good, proving that from humble beginnings can spring a lifelong legacy of joy and generosity.

3. Jason Kidd’s Backyard Ballpark: A Diamond of Dreams

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On a tranquil street, an unusual stir is often caused by the baseball field meticulously crafted in Jason Kidd’s backyard—not to be confused with the basketball legend. Here, Jason’s expertise isn’t on hardwood courts but on a field of clay and grass, where he has built a baseball paradise from scratch.

This hand-painted haven, complete with infield clay, regulation bases, and impeccably straight foul lines, is the result of a dedication to doing things right, as Jason often remarks.

The field, whimsically begun at his five-year-old son’s request, has since evolved into an elaborate setup that cost around thirty thousand dollars.

Despite the expense, Jason considers the investment minimal compared to the invaluable memories being created. It’s more than a game; it’s a continuation of a family legacy, one that Jason cherishes deeply, rooted in childhood memories with his uncle at Cleveland’s games.

Named “The Jake,” after the former moniker of Cleveland’s ballpark, the field captures the essence of old-school fandom and is poised for future additions like a warning track and a scoreboard.

Though it may not rival Progressive Field in size, for Jason and his son, it represents everything—a field where family bonds strengthen, and baseball dreams live on. In this backyard, the spirit of America’s favorite pastime endures, proving that even a small plot of land can host the grandest of dreams.

4. Wyatt Ziesman’s Farm Field Miracle: More Than Just a Game

In the heart of Franklin County, Iowa, where cornfields stretch endlessly and the nearest town is a mere speck on the horizon, Wyatt Ziesman has transformed his family’s pasture into a baseball field that’s become a local legend.

One weekend, while his kids were away, Wyatt decided it was time to turn the vast expanse of grass into something magical. By Sunday night, the surprise was ready: a pristine baseball diamond nestled among the corn tassels.

What started as a simple mowing job quickly evolved into a community treasure. With just $800 spent on fencing and bases, and a lot of sweat equity, the field soon attracted every town kid yearning for a pitch to swing at, far from the urban sprawl.

Hand-me-down lights from an old diamond light up the field, extending games into the twilight, much to the delight of players who’d otherwise be finishing evening chores.

This isn’t just a field; it’s a gathering spot where memories are stitched into every inning. Despite comparisons to the iconic “Field of Dreams,” Wyatt’s inspiration was far simpler: a desire to create a place where his kids and their friends could simply play and enjoy the game.

The magic of this Franklin County farm isn’t just in its homemade backstop or the perfectly laid baselines—it’s in the laughter, the cheers, and the spirit of community that thrives every time someone yells, “Play ball!” Here, every crack of the bat and every shout from the dugouts, mere feet from the corn, is a testament to a father’s dream turned into a stunning reality.

5. DJ Dick’s Wrigley Field Replica: A Neighborhood Gem

In the suburbs of Chicago, DJ Dick has turned his backyard into an awe-inspiring replica of Wrigley Field, complete with all the iconic features that make it one of America’s most beloved ballparks. This transformation began with a simple desire to enjoy baseball at home and quickly evolved into a detailed project that drew the whole neighborhood together.

From the famed marquee to the classic scoreboard adorned with flags, every element was meticulously crafted, even down to the non-living ivy on the fences, which, despite initial reservations from his mom about painting the fence, has become a highlight of their backyard.

DJ’s dedication to authenticity and detail has made his backyard the go-to spot for late-night games under the lights, especially during the quiet of quarantine when community and connection were most needed.

Each year, something new adds to the field’s charm, from foul poles to settle home run debates to plans for permanent turf in the pitcher’s mound. While the total cost may have been more than his parents bargained for, the joy and community spirit the field brings make it a priceless addition to the neighborhood.

DJ’s creation isn’t just a field—it’s a testament to the love of the game and the bonds it can strengthen, making it truly one of the neighborhood’s prime destinations.