Triple-A vs. Double-A in Baseball

Unlocking the Secrets of Baseball's Top Minor League Divisions: Triple-A and Double-A
Written by Mark Bailey
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Minor League Baseball (MILB) serves as a developmental system for younger players, split into various divisions. The two pinnacle tiers, Double-A and Triple-A, differ in skill, with Triple-A hosting those nearly MLB-ready and rehabbing major league players.

  • Minor League Baseball (MILB) is a complex system used to develop and improve younger players, divided into four divisions with Double-A and Triple-A as the top two.
  • Most of the guys in Triple-A are on the verge of being called up to MLB, while some MLB players use it for recovery from injuries.
  • Alex Rodriguez, Derek Jeter, Manny Ramirez, Adley Rutschman, and Curt Schilling have all played at this level which shows their talent level.
  • The majority of high draft picks start their careers in Double-A but can be promoted directly from there if they perform well enough.
  • Fernando Tatis Jr spent time here before making it big in MLB; struggling or injured players may also come here for a confidence boost or rehab purposes, respectively.

Triple-A in baseball

The Triple-A division of Minor League Baseball is considered the most talented and competitive of all other levels. Most of the guys in Triple-A are extremely close to the MLB. This is the last step before making it to the MLB.

The typical process for a rookie player is to start in Single-A and gradually move up to Double-A or Triple-A. If they continue to be productive at the top levels, they may earn a spot in the MLB.

While Triple-A is full of talent, it is still a step down from the MLB. Players in the minor leagues play a brutal schedule with hardly any days off. MLB players are carefully monitored to ensure they are not overused.

However, injuries are sometimes unavoidable. Triple-A is known to be the place for MLB players to rehab or recover from injuries. It can also be used to help a struggling player in the MLB.

Many big names have been used at the Triple-A level. Alex Rodriguez and Derek Jeter both made appearances in this league. Other big names like Manny Ramirez, Adley Rutschman, and Curt Schilling have played in the Triple-A league. The talent level in Triple-A is tremendous. These guys are on the verge of achieving their dream of making it to the MLB. 

Double-A in baseball

The Double-A division of Minor League Baseball is a step below Triple-A. While it is a lower level, it is still full of talent and potential.

The majority of high draft picks will begin their careers in Double-A. This allows them to face intense competition right out of the gate. All of these divisions have the same purpose: to develop one into a better ball player.

While most MLB promotions occur in Triple-A, they can also be called up directly from Double-A. If you are performing extremely well, you might be able to skip Triple-A and head straight to the big leagues.

Many famous players have found their way to Double-A at some point in their careers. Fernando Tatis Jr. spent some time in Double-A in his quick journey to the MLB.

Double-A provides an opportunity to work on your game while also building confidence. For MLB guys, this level is used to their advantage. They may dominate this level, which can be a huge confidence boost for a once-struggling player. These guys are playing for their future, so you can expect every player to give it 100%.

Differences between Double-A and Triple-A

While the divisions are separate, the talent level is nearly identical between Double-A and Triple-A. All of these guys are worthy of a spot in the MLB. You will find the more experienced guys in Triple-A since it is the highest level. The young bucks are usually mixed into Single-A and Double-A.

Stadiums are nearly identical between these two levels, as are the amenities involved. Players from both divisions are given the same amount of attention from their MLB affiliates. If you are playing well, you will be noticed no matter what division you are in.

You may find better coaches at the Triple-A level, as teams want the best instruction for the guys near the MLB. However, coaching is still top-notch across all levels of Minor League Baseball.

There aren’t too many differences between Double-A and Triple-A. One difference that stands out is the salary. The minimum salary for a Double-A player is $600 a week. The minimum salary for a Triple-A player is $700 a week.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the MILB?

MILB stands for Minor League Baseball. Another term for this league is the “farm system.” This was developed to help younger players develop into MLB-ready guys. It can also be used to rehab an injured MLB player or even a struggling one. 

Which is better, Double A or Triple A?

Both leagues hold a similar amount of value. From a player’s perspective, it is better to be in Triple-A than in Double-A. This is because the majority of call-ups to the MLB occur in Triple-A. It is possible to be called up from Double-A, but it isn’t very common. Triple-A players also earn slightly more in salary in comparison to Double-A players.

Are players required to play in the MILB before the MLB?

No, there is no rule that says you must journey through the minor leagues before joining the MLB. However, it is preferred by most teams so young guys can become accustomed to the level of play. The MILB is still a huge step above any other baseball league. Younger guys need to develop their skills before stepping on the big stage.

Does every MLB team have a Double-A or Triple-A team?

Yes, every MLB team has a minor league system. Each team has three minor league teams found in Single-A, Double-A, and Triple-A. It is a huge asset for MLB teams.

What is the salary difference between the two levels?

There is a slight difference in pay between these two levels. Double-A players must make a minimum of $600 weekly. Triple-A players must make a minimum of $700 weekly.


The Minor Leagues were created to prepare guys for the MLB. Usually, you will find young guys in the MILB, but also some older and more established guys.

Many famous players have spent some time in the MILB to recover from injury or to even gain a confidence boost. These divisions are a huge asset for every MLB team, as they provide a multitude of options at every position.

Indeed, the MILB is a wonderful thing that provides many opportunities for guys fighting to make it to the big leagues.