Baseball Tryout Drills

Unlock Your Potential: Mastering the Art of Baseball Tryout Drills for a Winning Performance
Written by Mark Bailey
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Approaching your first baseball tryout can be nerve-wracking, but it’s an exciting gateway to your potential baseball journey. Whether you make the team or not, it’s just the beginning, and being prepared is key.

  • Drills are important for baseball tryouts in order to show off your skills.
  • Coaches will be observing everything you do, from the way you carry yourself to how well you perform in game-like situations.
  • Tips for success include preparing physically and mentally beforehand, being confident, and arriving early on the day of the tryout.

Importance of tryout drills

In a typical tryout, coaches will review your basic skills, such as catching, hitting, and throwing. You might find yourself catching fly balls or fielding ground balls at a tryout.

Some coaches like to play a simulated game during a tryout. This gives them a better feel of how each player performs in a game-like situation. You are being watched the entire time. Everything you do can make or break you.

This is even true when you first arrive at the ball field. How you carry yourself is a telling sign of what kind of person and player you are. The way you are dressed shows how prepared you are. The time you arrive at the ballpark shows how much you care about the tryout. A tryout is a test for you as a baseball player.

While baseball skills are important, there are many other things that are just as important. Once you arrive at the ballpark, it’s time to lock it in. From that moment on, everything should be focused on the main objective. Make the team.

Common tryout drills

One thing that is common across all baseball tryouts is the 60-yard dash. This is a 60-yard sprint that is timed by the coaches. The coaches then use these times to compare you with the other players to determine your speed. Most coaches give you two or three chances to run the 60-yard dash.

When it comes to baseball-specific drills, the coach will more than likely split up infielders and outfielders. If you are an infielder, expect to field ground balls and make throws to a base. If you are an outfielder, you can expect to catch fly balls and make throws to the bases.

On the offensive side, your hitting will be tested. The way this happens is dependent on the coach. Some coaches prefer game-like situations in a tryout, such as running a scrimmage. Some coaches prefer to take batting practice on the field or in the cages.

The main thing coaches want to see is your mechanics and bat path. If you have good mechanics, the rest can be taught. Coaches are looking for players with at least a decent foundation of skills. Most advanced skills in baseball can be taught, but an athletic ability cannot.

Tips for tryout success

A tryout can be a scary thing. Especially if you’re new to all of this, believe me. I was horrified at my first tryout. This feeling is normal, and trust me when I say everyone experiences it.

One way to at least help manage it is to properly prepare for the tryout. Prepare yourself physically as well as mentally. Baseball is 90% mental. The more mentally tough you can be, the more successful you will be in this game.

For the drills, work on your sprinting. Practice your 60-yard dash and focus on a target time. Go hit in the cages. Take batting practice whenever you can. You will be thankful for every minute spent working on your swing on the day of the tryout. Find a teammate or your parents to play catch with. Make long throws as you work on your arm strength.

As easy as it sounds, the most crucial part is to be confident in your abilities. You have worked so hard to get to this point. There is no point in letting up now. On the day of the tryout, arrive early to the field to get stretched out. Use this time to lock in mentally. Clear your mind of all worries and all thoughts outside of the game of baseball. This is the time you’ve been waiting for.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you run a good baseball tryout?

To run a good tryout, have a few other coaches with you to help smooth out the process. Have each coach work with a different group of players. Every coach should have something like a clipboard to record his thoughts and what he’s seeing. Make sure to include offensive drills, defensive drills, and speed drills.

What are some good baseball drills?

Some good drills for baseball players include the 60-yard dash, mass fungo, base running, hitting off a tee, hitting off a machine or pitcher, fly balls, footwork ladder drills, and a few others.


A tryout is a big day for all baseball players. We’ve all been there as we anxiously awaited the call on whether we made the team or not. As long as you prepare for the tryout, you will showcase your skills in the right way. Believe in yourself. The more you practice these drills, the more natural they will become.

You should want to master the 60-yard dash if you have a tryout coming up soon. Strive to get the best time you possibly can. It will pay off when the coaches come together to decide who makes the team. Good luck!