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Revolutionize your baseball game with WIN Reality: the virtual reality training system
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New technology has allowed baseball players to use virtual reality to their advantage. WIN Reality has created a way to get in-game practice through their virtual reality goggles. When you have these on, you will feel like you’re actually standing in the batter’s box. It also includes coaching within virtual reality. You will receive tips on how to improve your swing and reaction time.

This is a great way to practice hitting in a real-game situation. Usually, our only way to be in this situation is in a real baseball game. Now, you can practice for those big moments.

  • WIN Reality has created a way for baseball players to practice in-game situations through virtual reality goggles and coaching.
  • It offers various training modes, such as pitch recognition, situational hitting, batting practice, release point training, and occlusion.
  • Professional teams and college programs across America have adopted WIN Reality into their program.
  • It is also available for personal use by any baseball player of any age; it includes a bat attachment with the membership plan, which starts at $29/month ($228/year).
  • MLB players credit WIN Reality for their success in hitting due to its realistic graphics and helpful guidance from the virtual coach when needed.

Training modes and features

WIN Reality offers many different types of training to help improve your game. The methods available are pitch recognition, situational hitting, batting practice, release point training, quick recognition, and occlusion.

Pitch recognition allows you to be in the batter’s box against a pitcher. You will be shown the immediate release of the ball out of the pitcher’s hand. You will need to recognize the type of pitch as quickly as possible.

Situational hitting is exactly how it sounds. You will be placed in a crucial situation, and you must produce. For example, you might enter the game, and it is a bases-loaded one out. You just need a deep fly ball to score a run.

WIN also offers a normal batting practice mode. This mode allows you to get a better feel for your swing and its mechanics.

Release-point training lets you see the ball clearly out of the pitcher’s hand. A lot of players just look in a general area and wait for the ball to appear. If you can zone in on the exact release point, you will recognize the location and type of pitch much quicker.

After using some of these drills, you will receive a performance report and tips to help improve your game. WIN Reality also gives you the ability to have a personalized coach along the way. You will be given one-on-one instruction by your virtual coach. Everything will be analyzed, from your swing to your reaction time.

Professional use

With WIN Reality being such a useful tool, many pro teams, as well as college teams, have begun using it on their players. College teams that are a part of the WIN Reality team include Tennessee, Wake Forest, Arizona, Alabama, TCU, and many more.

WIN Reality has been initiated in almost every college program across America. The majority of MLB teams have used or still use WIN Reality with their players. This tool is being used across all levels of baseball and has certainly made its mark on the sport.

Personal use

WIN Reality is used by some of the best baseball players in the world. However, you can use this tool as well! WIN Reality isn’t just for professional athletes. This tool is meant for every baseball player out there. With all the different training modes available, finding one that suits you well won’t be difficult. If you find yourself struggling, the virtual coach will guide you through the process and create a training plan for you. WIN Reality is created for all ages.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does WIN Reality actually help?

Yes, WIN Reality is known to be an extremely useful tool for baseball players of all ages. Its usage can be found all the way up in the MLB. You will be able to work on in-game situations without actually being in a game.

How much does WIN Reality cost?

WIN Reality offers two different memberships to access all of their training modes. The cheapest plan will be $29 a month, which adds up to $228 a year.

How realistic is WIN Reality baseball?

While you shouldn’t expect it to look 100% real, you can expect a good projection of what a baseball field would look like. The graphics are great, but VR is VR.

Do you need a bat for WIN Reality?

Yes, you will want to use your own bat. WIN Reality includes a bat attachment when you purchase their membership.

Do MLB players use WIN Reality?

Yes, many MLB players have credited WIN Reality for their success in hitting.


With new technology, there is now a way to train in a brand-new way. You can now use virtual reality to put yourself in game-like situations.

WIN Reality offers many different training modes so that you can find the right one for you. Training like this will help you feel more comfortable and prepared for a real game. The company offers a membership that grants you access to many modes as well as a virtual coach. If you are struggling, the virtual coach will guide you and can even create a training plan for you. Indeed, WIN Reality is a great tool for any baseball player.

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