The Ten Biggest Baseball Stadiums In The United States

From the iconic Yankee Stadium to Dodger Stadium, these are the biggest and best baseball stadiums in America.
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The United States is home to some of the biggest baseball stadiums in the world. This list was compiled from the list of US baseball stadiums by capacity page on Wikipedia. The stadiums are ordered by seating capacity, the maximum number of spectators the stadium can accommodate for a baseball game.

10 – Angel Stadium of Anaheim

Angel Stadium of Anaheim
Angel Stadium of Anaheim: 45,050
Image credit: CBC Sports

Angel Stadium of Anaheim is located in Anaheim, California. It is the tenth largest stadium in America, hosting up to 45,050 spectators. The Los Angeles Angels of MLB play their home games at this ballpark. It is also affectionately known as ‘The Big A’. The stadium hosted the 1967 Major League Baseball All-Star game, the first to be shown on primetime television.

Did You Know? The stadium will host both baseball and softball at the 2028 Olympics.

9 – Oriole Park at Camden Yards

Oriole Park at Camden Yards
Oriole Park at Camden Yards: 45,971
Image credit:

Oriole Park at Camden Yards is located in Baltimore, Maryland. The Baltimore Orioles call this place home, and it’s the ninth largest stadium in the USA, with a capacity of 45,971. The ballpark was constructed in 1992, replacing Memorial Stadium, and is the first of the ‘retro’ stadiums to be built.

Did You Know? Oriole Park at Camden Yards has featured in several TV shows, including House of Cards and The Wire.

8 – Busch Stadium

Busch Stadium
Busch Stadium: 46,861

Busch Stadium is located in St. Louis, Missouri. It is the eighth largest baseball stadium in the country and the home of MLB’s St. Louis Cardinals. The Cardinals debuted in the 46,861 capacity stadium after its construction in 2006 with a 6-4 win over the Milwaukee Brewers.

Did You Know? The Cardinals sold out every game of their debut season at Busch Stadium, with a total attendance of 3,407,104.

7 – RingCentral Coliseum

Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum
RingCentral Coliseum: 47,170
Image credit:

RingCentral Coliseum is located in Oakland, California. The stadium is the seventh largest in the United States, with a capacity of 47,170, and is the home of the Oakland Athletics Major League Baseball team. To celebrate Oakland’s 50th anniversary of playing at the stadium, the Athletics played a free entry game against the Chicago White Sox, ending in a 10-2 victory for the hosts.

The Oakland Raiders of the National Football League also play their home games at the Coliseum.

Did You Know? The field is named in honor of MLB Hall of Famer and former Athletics star Rickey Henderson.

6 – T-Mobile Park

T-Mobile Park
T-Mobile Park: 47,476

T-Mobile Park is located in Seattle, Washington. The Seattle Mariners play their home games inside this 47,476-capacity stadium, making it the sixth largest in the United States. The stadium has recently been renamed Safeco Field after the naming rights holders, Safeco, declined to renew the deal.

Did You Know? Professional wrestling company WWE held WrestleMania XIX here, attracting 54,097 fans.

5 – Globe Life Park in Arlington

Globe Life Park In Arlington
Globe Life Park In Arlington: 48,114
Image credit:

Globe Life Park in Arlington is located, funnily enough, in Arlington, Texas. The stadium is the fifth largest baseball stadium in the United States and can host up to 48,114 fans. The stadium plays host to the Texas Rangers, although the Rangers will leave for the newly constructed Globe Life Field in 2020, numbering Globe Life Park in Arlington’s days on the biggest baseball stadiums list.

4 – Chase Field

Chase Field
Chase Field: 48,633
Image credit:

Chase Field is located in Phoenix, Arizona. The Arizona Diamondbacks of the National League play their home games here. The stadium can hold up to 48,633 fans, making it the fourth largest baseball stadium in the USA. The Diamondbacks replaced the stadium’s natural grass surface in favor of a synthetic surface for the 2019 season onwards.

Did You Know? Chase Field was the first stadium to be built with a retractable roof.

3 – Coors Field

Coors Field
Coors Field: 49.469
Image credit:

Coors Field is located in Denver, Colorado. The third biggest baseball stadium in the US is home to the Colorado Rockies. Coors Field was actually supposed to be constructed with a smaller capacity of 43,800, but the Rockies’ attendance in their last season at Mile High Stadium saw the capacity increase to 49,469.

Did You Know? Coors Field was the first major league park to boast an underground heating system.

2 – Yankee Stadium

Yankee Stadium
Yankee Stadium: 52,325

Yankee Stadium is located in New York City, New York. The New York Yankees play their home games here, with the stadium able to hold up to 52,325 fans. It is the second biggest baseball stadium in the United States. The stadium was built in 2009, replacing the original Yankee Stadium, which is now a public park called Heritage Field.

New York City FC of Major League Soccer also play their home games at the stadium.

Did You Know? Yankee Stadium is the most expensive baseball stadium ever constructed, costing a massive $2.3billion!

1 – Dodgers Stadium

Dodgers Stadium
Dodgers Stadium: 56,000
Image credit:

Dodgers Stadium is located in Los Angeles, California. It is the home of the MLB’s Los Angeles Dodgers and has a capacity of 56,000, making it the largest baseball stadium in the United States. In its 57-year history, Dodgers Stadium has witnessed twelve no-hitters, two of which were perfect games.

The stadium will play host to the Major League Baseball All-Star Game in 2020.

Did you know? The stadium held its first-ever NHL game on January 25th, 2014. The game, part of the NHL Stadium Series, featured the Los Angeles Kings and Anaheim Ducks. The Ducks won 3-0.

An epic fan experience

This list was ordered by seating capacity, the maximum number of spectators the stadium can accommodate for a baseball game. If you’re looking for an epic fan experience, and want to be surrounded by other passionate baseball fans, look no further than these biggest MLB stadiums.

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