What Does Safe Mean in Baseball

What Does Safe Mean in Baseball

Baseball is a sport that is steeped in tradition and has a complex set of rules. One of the most fundamental concepts in baseball is the idea of being “safe” or “out.” However, what does it mean to be safe in baseball? This question may seem simple, but it has many layers and nuances that … Read more

What Is Forfeit in Baseball

What Is Forfeit in Baseball

Baseball is a game of strategy, skill, and sportsmanship, but sometimes unforeseen circumstances can lead to the forfeiture of a game. Forfeiture is a common term used in sports, and in baseball, it can occur for a variety of reasons. Understanding what forfeit means and the rules and procedures involved are essential for players, coaches, … Read more

What Is a Run in Baseball

What Is a Run in Baseball

Runs are points scored by a player when they successfully touch all four bases on the field. Understanding the concept of runs is crucial to understanding the game of baseball, as it can impact a team’s overall record and playoff chances.  This article will provide a comprehensive overview of what a run is in baseball, … Read more

What Is a Fair Ball in Baseball

What Is a Fair Ball in Baseball

A fair ball is a hit that lands within the boundaries of the field of play. The concept of a fair ball has been part of baseball since its birth, and understanding its rules and applications is crucial for players, coaches, and fans alike. This article will provide a comprehensive overview of fair balls in … Read more

What Is a Home Run In Baseball

What Is a Home Run In Baseball

A home run is one of the most exciting plays in baseball. It occurs when a batter hits the ball over the outfield fence, in fair territory, without the ball being caught by a defensive player. This results in an automatic score of one run for the batter and any runners who were already on … Read more

What Is a Contact Hitter in Baseball?

what is a contact hitter in baseball

The goal of every at-bat for a hitter is to reach base successfully. Home runs are great, walks are good, but base hits are even better. Teams can’t score runs if they don’t have baserunners. However, teams don’t have the money to go out and sign nine power hitters to fill a lineup. The best … Read more

What Is a Switch Hitter in Baseball?

What Is a Switch Hitter in Baseball

Let’s be honest. People have a hard time using their non-dominant hands. They struggle to do simple things like eat with a fork and knife or write with a pencil. What makes it so awkward? Your brain has not built a strong line of communication with the muscles on your non-dominant side to control them … Read more

Examples of Cheating in Baseball

Examples of Cheating in Baseball

For as long as baseball has been around, players have looked for ways to gain the upper hand, sometimes in a way that’s against the rules. While it may not be in the news all the time, the truth is that baseball players subtly (or sometimes not) break the rules all the time.  That is … Read more

What Are Ground Rules in Baseball?

What Are Ground Rules in Baseball

The term “ground rules” made its way into popular culture years ago. People use the phrase to describe rules at home, work, or outside playing baseball in the neighborhood.  Ground rules have been a part of professional and amateur sports for over 100 years. But consider this: every football field, hockey rink, or basketball court … Read more

What Is Batting Out of Turn in Baseball?

What Is Batting Out of Turn in Baseball

Many times, people are told that if you say you are going to do something, then you should do it. If you don’t, there are consequences.  Announcing your starting lineup for a baseball game is no different. Why is it so important? Because MLB is a multi-billion-dollar business with extreme amounts of data collected each … Read more

What Is the MLB Injured List?

What Is the MLB Injured List

Just like you and I need time off work or school because of illness or injury, MLB players do too. However, as a rule, professional baseball teams must maintain an active roster that consists of 26 players. If one or more players must miss time because of an injury, then MLB has a system in … Read more

What Is a Fourth Out in Baseball?

What Is a Fourth Out in Baseball

When young baseball fans and players are taught the rules of the game, it always starts with the basics: hits, runs, and outs. We’re taught that each side gets three outs per inning, no more, no less. The game does not progress to the next inning until each team records three outs.  However, baseball is … Read more

What Is a Pitch Clock in Baseball?

What Is a Pitch Clock in Baseball

If you have ever watched a baseball game, you know that the game can often be quite slow. Fans lose interest pretty quickly. Other sports, like basketball and football, are quick-moving and constantly filled with action. Baseball is a massive drop-off in terms of the pace of play.  In response to this, the MLB has … Read more

What Is Obstruction in Baseball?

What Is Obstruction in Baseball

Obstruction is a ruling that can only be made by an umpire in a baseball game. A runner cannot interfere with a fielder, and a fielder can also not interfere with a runner.  This rule was put in place to mainly prevent any injuries. Collisions can happen in baseball, and when they do, they aren’t … Read more

Is There Instant Replay In MLB?

Is There Instant Replay In MLB

Without instant replay, the MLB had a blaring issue with blown calls. A perfect example of this dates back to June 2nd, 2010. Armando Galarraga was one out away from completing a perfect game. A perfect game rarely happens in the game of baseball.  Throwing a perfect game is a lifetime achievement that not many … Read more

What Is a Ground Rule Double in Baseball?

What Is a Ground Rule Double in Baseball

Everywhere you go, there are different rules. If you travel to different countries, there are different rules of the road, and so on. Baseball is no different.  Every baseball stadium has its own character and unique quirks. But what happens when one of these fun quirks impacts a game? What if it impacts a postseason … Read more

What Are Turf Shoes In Baseball

What Are Turf Shoes In Baseball

In baseball, there are a couple of different types of cleats available to players. Turf shoes are the ones we are going to be focusing on. Many athletes are unaware of the differences between a turf field and a grass field. This article will introduce you to turf shoes and how they can benefit you.  … Read more

What Is Dugout In Baseball?

What Is Dugout In Baseball

Have you lived in a small home that is approximately 600 square feet? Did you ever invite over 25-30 people to hang out in that small space? Probably not. In an MLB dugout, that is exactly what you will find: 25–30 people, televisions, equipment, athletic trainers and their equipment, multiple telephones, and who knows how … Read more

What Is Hitting for the Cycle In Baseball?

what is hitting the cycle in baseball

Hitting for the cycle is a rare and highly coveted feat in the sport of baseball. This impressive achievement occurs when a batter successfully hits a single, double, triple, and home run all in the same game. The term “cycle” refers to the completion of a sequence or series, and in baseball, it represents the … Read more

Triple-A vs. Double-A in Baseball

Triple-A vs. Double-A in Baseball

The Minor Leagues of Baseball are composed of a complex system used to develop and improve younger players. The official name is MILB or Minor League Baseball. While the league is split into four divisions, the top two are Double-A and Triple-A. Double-A is lower than Triple-A, which means better players will be found in … Read more

How to Wash Batting Gloves

How to Wash Batting Gloves

Batting gloves are a special thing for nearly every baseball player. You might still be using the same pair from many years ago. Maybe even the same pair that you wore when you hit your first home run. Over time, even the most durable batting gloves can get pretty nasty, whether it’s the odor or … Read more

Baseball Glove Care and Maintenance

Baseball Glove Care and Maintenance

For baseball lovers looking for a glove but concerned with both product quality and price, nothing is more important than taking good care of a baseball glove. After all, wouldn’t you want to protect the equipment that protects you? When you decide to buy a quality glove with the intent of keeping it for a … Read more

How to Break in a Baseball Glove

How to Break in a Baseball Glove

When you think of getting your equipment ready for work, only one job includes hitting your equipment over and over with a hammer, spitting on it, and then running over it with a vehicle. While these are not the best methods, some people do this to get their baseball gloves ready for gameplay. With that … Read more

What Are Baseball Gloves Made Of?

What Are Baseball Gloves Made Of

Assuming that all baseball gloves are the same is no different than assuming all clothing is the same. When it comes to shopping for baseball gloves, it is no different than shopping for new shoes or jeans. Baseball players must be picky regarding their gloves’ length, width, flexibility, grip, and comfort, just like we are … Read more

How to Measure Baseball Glove Size

how to measure baseball glove size

If you wear a size nine shoe, you won’t buy something much larger or smaller, so why purchase a baseball glove that doesn’t fit your hand? With the wrong-sized shoes, you can trip, fall, and injure yourself. With a wrong-sized baseball glove, you can eat a 120-mph baseball in the face or elsewhere on your … Read more