Understanding the Strike Zone in Baseball

Understanding the Strike Zone in Baseball

The strike zone in baseball is the designated area where pitches are judged as strikes or balls by the umpire. Its interpretation can vary slightly among umpires, but understanding its boundaries is crucial for both pitchers and batters. What is the official baseball strike zone? The official strike zone in baseball is a vertical rectangle. … Read more

How Much Does a Baseball Bat Weigh? 

How Much Does A Bat Weigh

Baseball bats come in a variety of lengths and weights. The bat’s weight depends on what it is made of and how long it is. The weight of your bat is often a personal choice. Your bat speed, strength, and the type of hitter you are can influence how heavy your bat is. The level … Read more

What is QAB in Baseball?

What does QAB mean in Baseball

The term “QAB,” or “Quality At-Bats,” is a statistic used to determine a hitter’s offensive value for his team. A “Quality At-Bat” is any plate appearance that results in a positive outcome. This does not necessarily mean that a player reaches a base. To determine a ‘QAB Percentage,’ the number of ‘Quality At-Bats’ is divided … Read more

4 Seam vs 2 Seam Fastball

4 Seam vs 2 Seam Fastball

Pitchers have many choices to make when it comes to what type of pitch they want to throw. In this post, we’re going to take a look at the 4-seam fastball vs. the 2-seam fastball. We’ll discuss how each pitch is thrown and how it affects hitters. Lastly, we’ll give you our take on which … Read more

What is a Save in Baseball?

What is a Save in Baseball

A save in baseball indicates a relief pitcher’s effectiveness in preserving a win for the starting pitcher. For a pitcher to earn a save, the team must be leading, and only relief pitchers qualify; starters cannot earn a save in the game they began. Relief pitchers are often called in when the starting pitcher reaches … Read more

What is WHIP in Baseball?

WHIP stands for Walks plus Hits per Inning Pitched and is a key metric that evaluates a pitcher’s ability to prevent batters from reaching base. Our exploration will dive into how WHIP is calculated and its importance in gauging a pitcher’s effectiveness. What does WHIP mean?  WHIP stands for “Walks and Hits per Innings Pitched” … Read more

What is a No-Hitter in Baseball?

A no-hitter in baseball is a game in which no player on an opposing team gets on base as a result of hitting a pitch. No-hitters are rare. Only 316 have happened in Major League Baseball from 1876 to date. This article will answer common questions you might have about no-hitters. What is a no-hitter? … Read more

What is the Mercy Rule in Baseball?

In baseball, the mercy rule is a provision that ends a game early if one team has a substantial lead, sparing them from a protracted defeat. Let’s explore how this rule works and its impact on the game’s dynamics. The Ten Run Rule Explained The Ten Run Rule has a pretty simple explanation – if … Read more

How Much Does a Baseball Weigh?

How Much Does a Baseball Weigh

A baseball’s weight is not just a number; it’s a core part of the game’s design, integral to every pitch and hit. Officially, a Major League Baseball weighs between 5 and 5.25 ounces (142 to 149 grams). History of baseball As with any ball game, baseball has gone through many changes throughout time, mirroring the … Read more

What is a PO in baseball?

What is a po in baseball

A PO is a putout, a term used to describe when a fielder is directly responsible for completing an out. This can be stepping on the base for a force out, catching a batted ball during a play, tagging a runner, or catching a third strike.  What does it stand for? PO stands for putout. … Read more

What is RBI in Baseball?

An RBI is given to a batter whose appearance results in a run being scored. As with most rules in baseball, there are exceptions. Most significantly, a batter will not receive an RBI credit when the run gained is ground into a double play or the result of an error. It should be no surprise … Read more

How Many Baseballs are Used in an MLB game?

How Many Baseballs are Used in an MLB game

An average of 84 to 120 baseballs are used in an MLB game. The higher end of balls used in a game will total around 120, which will be considered a high amount. Throughout nine innings, 120 balls may seem excessive. However, it all starts to add up with warm-ups between innings, foul balls, balls … Read more

What is the Little League Pitching Distance?

Little League Pitching Distance

The Little League pitching distance — for players aged 9-12 — is 46 feet from the pitcher’s mound to home plate. This distance is specifically for Little League Major Division and below. Other divisions for older players have longer distances. How far do 7-year-olds pitch from? The 7-year-olds’ pitching distance is 46 feet. At this … Read more

Types of Pitchers in Baseball

relief pitcher

From fastballs to curveballs, the mound is a stage for a diverse cast of throwers. Let’s explore the different types of pitchers that dominate baseball, each bringing a unique arsenal to the game. Starting Pitcher A “starting pitcher” is the first pitcher used in a game. Their role is to make it through several innings … Read more

Can You Use a Baseball Bat for Softball?

Can You Use a Baseball Bat for Softball

A baseball bat can be used for softball, but it would probably be harder to hit a softball with a baseball bat for most softball players, especially in fastpitch softball. It would be harder to hit because most baseball bats are shorter and heavier in weight than softball bats. Conversely, baseball bats have a larger … Read more

What is the Hardest Position in Baseball?

baseball pitcher

Determining the hardest position in baseball sparks much debate, but it often comes down to the unique challenges each role presents on the diamond. Let’s explore what makes each position a contender for the toughest spot in the game. Pitcher The pitcher is the most difficult position to play in baseball. Not only does the … Read more

Why Baseball Players Use Pine Tar

Why Baseball Players Use Pine Tar

Pine tar is used to help baseball players keep hold of the grip of their wood bats. Using a sticky substance like pine tar is not different from why a batter would choose to wear batting gloves. Having a solid grip on a bat allows a player to control where the bat’s barrel is heading … Read more

Dropped Third Strike Rule

What is dropped third strike rule

One of the unique rules in baseball is the dropped third strike rule (also known as the uncaught third strike). This rule can only occur on a strikeout pitch. There is a bit of nuance to its implementation, and it can result in the rare occurrence where more than three outs are required to end … Read more

Why Does Little League Use Aluminum Bats?

little league at bat

Have you ever wondered why Little League uses aluminum bats? You’re not alone! Many people are curious about the reasoning behind this choice. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at the benefits of using aluminum bats in Little League and why they’ve become the standard. Stay tuned to learn more! A noticeable … Read more

How to Tell if a Baseball Bat is Dead

dead baseball bat

There’s nothing worse than picking up a baseball bat only to find that it’s dead. But how do you know when it’s time to retire your bat? Here are a few tips to help you determine if your bat is dead. What is a dead baseball bat? A dead baseball bat is a bat that … Read more

Why Does “K” Mean Strikeout in Baseball?

baseball strikeout letter k

The letter “K” is the universal sign for a strikeout in baseball, and its roots trace back to the scorecard shorthand of journalist Henry Chadwick. Let’s explore the quirky history of how this single letter became synonymous with a pitcher’s triumph and a batter’s defeat. History behind the letter K for strikeouts Henry Chadwick was … Read more

What Are Box Seats at a Baseball Game?

box seats baseball

Box seats at a baseball game refer to a specific seating area that offers a more private and often more comfortable viewing experience. Typically located closer to the field, these seats are usually part of a small sectioned-off area, providing fans with a semi-private space to enjoy the game. Box Seats is a general term … Read more

How Long is a Baseball Game?

Baseball Scoreboard

Major League Baseball games average about three hours in duration, whereas youth and high school contests are often shorter, around two hours. Game length can vary significantly with the level of play, number of innings, and specific league rules. What is an inning? An inning is a measure within a baseball game that includes a … Read more

What Do the Numbers Mean in a Double Play?

Double play

The numbers in a baseball double play correspond to the defensive positions involved in making the outs. For instance, a “6-4-3” double play sequence signifies the shortstop fielded the ball, threw to the second baseman for the initial out, who then relayed it to the first baseman to complete the play. What do the numbers … Read more

USA vs. USSSA Bats: What’s the Difference?

USA vs USSSA Bats What’s the Difference

Understanding the difference between a USA or USAAA bat may seem confusing or overwhelming, but it is not all that complicated. The first thing to know is that USA Baseball and USAAA are both sport governing organizations – USA Baseball is specific to baseball, as the name implies, while USSSA, or the United States Specialty … Read more

What is ERA in baseball?

baseball pitcher

ERA, or earned run average, is one of the most important stats in baseball. It tells you how well a pitcher has been doing and is a good tool for comparing different pitchers. But what is ERA and how is it calculated? Read on to find out! Definition of ERA ERA is a baseball acronym … Read more

What Wood are Baseball Bats Made Of?

What Wood Is A Baseball Bat Made Of?

Baseball bats, especially those used in the professional leagues, are commonly made from hardwoods like ash, maple, or hickory, each offering unique characteristics that cater to different hitting styles. Discover the craft of bat-making and how each wood type impacts a batter’s swing and the ball’s flight. The Best Woods for Baseball Bats There are … Read more