What is OPS in Baseball?

What is OPS in Baseball

OPS in baseball is one of the many statistics that players and fans use to evaluate players. But what is OPS and why is it important? In this blog post, we will break down OPS and explain its importance in the game of baseball. On-base plus slugging On-base plus slugging, or OPS is a baseball … Read more

What is a Maddux in Baseball?

greg maddux

In baseball, a “Maddux” is a special feat where a pitcher throws a complete game shutout with fewer than 100 pitches, a display of efficiency and dominance on the mound named after the legendary pitcher Greg Maddux. This article will explore the rare and impressive accomplishment and the skill it takes to achieve it. Maddux … Read more

Can You Tie in Baseball?

baseball tie game

Unlike many sports where games can end in a draw, baseball typically plays until there is a winner. However, certain circumstances, like weather conditions or darkness in stadiums without lights, have historically resulted in ties. Let’s delve into how baseball addresses the concept of a tied game under its rules. Some history Baseball games used … Read more

How to Read a Baseball Scoreboard

Baseball Scoreboard

Do you know how to read a baseball scoreboard? Most fans know the basics, but there is more to it than just reading the score. In this post, we will teach you how to read a baseball scoreboard and what all of the abbreviations and terms mean. So, if you’re looking to brush up on … Read more

What is a Checked Swing

checked swing

In baseball, a checked swing is a batter’s attempt to hit the ball that is halted midway through the swing. Determining whether the swing was checked or not can be subjective, but it boils down to whether the batter went far enough for it to be considered an actual attempt to hit the pitch. Let’s … Read more

Passed Ball vs Wild Pitch

baseball wild pitch passed ball

The distinction between a passed ball and a wild pitch lies in who is deemed responsible when a baserunner advances; a passed ball is charged to the catcher’s mishandling, while a wild pitch is one that the catcher cannot reasonably be expected to control due to the pitcher’s error. Wild Pitch If a pitcher throws … Read more

What is a Foul Ball in Baseball?

baseball foul pole

A foul ball in baseball occurs when a batter hits a ball that lands outside the field of play’s fair territory, which extends from the foul poles and the baselines connecting them to home plate. This often results in a strike, but under certain conditions, it cannot cause the batter to be called out. What … Read more

What is a Complete Game in Baseball?

Complete Game in Baseball

A complete game in baseball is a baseball statistic awarded to a player that pitches the entire game for their team, regardless of how many innings are played. For a pitcher to earn a complete game, they must also be the only player on their team to pitch, with no other teammate throwing a pitch … Read more

What is a Perfect Game in Baseball?

baseball pitchers mound

A perfect game in baseball happens when a pitcher gets every opposing batter out without anyone reaching base the entire game. Over a 9-inning game, each team gets three outs per inning for a total of 27 outs. If a pitcher gets all 27 outs without one batter reaching base for any reason, then that … Read more

Tagging Up In Baseball

Tagging Up In Baseball

Tagging up in baseball refers to the baserunner’s strategy of staying on their current base until the ball is caught when a fly ball is hit. Once the catch is secured, they can attempt to advance to the next base. This play requires keen judgment and timing, pivotal in tight games where every run counts. … Read more

What Is a Force Out in Baseball?

Fielding rules

The force out is one of the most fundamental concepts in baseball and is based on the idea that two base runners cannot occupy the same base simultaneously. A force out is a play when the defense records an out without actually having to “tag” a runner, catch a fly ball in the air, or … Read more

Most Important Position in Baseball

baseball infield positions

The debate over the most important position in baseball often centers on the pitcher, who dictates the game’s pace, strategy, and defensive tone, making it a pivotal role in any team’s quest for success on the diamond. Pitcher Hands down the most important position in baseball is the pitcher. It’s also the hardest position. Of … Read more

What is OBP in Baseball?

baseball player on base

OBP, or On-Base Percentage, is a statistic in baseball that measures how frequently a batter reaches base. It’s considered a key indicator of a player’s offensive performance, beyond just hitting, as it accounts for hits, walks, and hit-by-pitches. What does OBP include?  OBP includes many different ways that hitters can safely get on base. The … Read more

How Does Baseball Work: The Basics


Baseball blends strategy and skill, captivating fans worldwide. Let’s break down the basics of how this classic game works and what makes it tick. Pitching The pitcher is the key player and will determine whether a team wins or loses most of the time. Every play involves both the catcher and the pitcher. You need … Read more

What is Slugging Percentage in Baseball?

baseball player hitting

Slugging percentage in baseball is a measure of a batter’s power, calculated by the total number of bases divided by at-bats. Unlike batting average, which counts all hits equally, slugging percentage values extra-base hits more, providing a deeper insight into a player’s hitting ability. Let’s break down how slugging percentage offers a more complete picture … Read more

What is a DH in Baseball?

Designated hitter DH in baseball

A DH in baseball is the designated hitter, a player who bats in place of the pitcher without taking a position in the field. Used primarily in American League and interleague games, the DH aims to boost offensive performance. Key Points The Designated Hitter Rule The designated hitter rule allows a batter to take the … Read more

What Is an Error in Baseball?

baseball error

An error in baseball is a statistic assigned to defensive players when they make a mistake with a ball hit in play that benefits the opposing team. Once the play has concluded, someone known as an official scorer makes a judgment on the play, deciding whether the fielder’s mistake should or should not have happened. … Read more

What is a 3-0 Count and When Should You Swing?

baseball batter about to swing

A 3-0 count is one of the more favorable counts for a hitter because there are plenty of ways to get on base. This article will cover what a 3-0 count is, whether you should swing on 3-0, and the unwritten rules in baseball of the 3-0 count. Additionally, this article will cover when you … Read more

What is a Balk in Baseball?

baseball pitcher balk

A Balk in baseball is an illegal act by the pitcher with a runner or runners on base, entitling all runners to advance one base. It’s a rule meant to prevent the pitcher from deceiving the baserunners. Understanding what constitutes a Balk helps ensure fair play and keeps the game’s integrity intact. Baseball Balk Meaning … Read more

What Does BB Mean in Baseball?

base on balls walk in baseball

In baseball, “BB” stands for “base on balls,” indicating that a batter has been allowed to advance to first base after receiving four pitches outside the strike zone during a single at-bat. What Does “BB” Stand For? The term “BB” is an abbreviated way of saying Base on Balls. When a batter faces a pitcher, … Read more

What is the Ready Position in Baseball?

Ready Position in Baseball

In baseball, the “ready position” is the position the defenders are in just before contact with the ball is made by the batter. The ready position is a very important position for all defenders because it best prepares you to react and make a play on a batted ball. This article will discuss what a … Read more

What Do LRP and MRP Mean in Baseball?

relief pitcher

In baseball, “LRP” stands for Long Relief Pitcher and “MRP” stands for Middle Relief Pitcher. An LRP is typically used when a starting pitcher is pulled from the game early and can pitch several innings if necessary. An MRP usually pitches in the middle innings, before the setup man and closer, and may be used … Read more

Drawing a Line in Baseball

Drawing a line

Drawing a line in the batter’s box in baseball can be a point of contention, often implying a challenge to the umpire’s call. Dive into the significance of this simple act and its impact on the game’s unwritten rules. How does drawing a line show up umpires?  One of the draws of baseball is the … Read more

How Many Baseball Games in a Season?

How many baseball games in a season

In a Major League Baseball season, each team plays 162 regular-season games, split between home and away matches, to determine playoff contenders. How can teams play fewer than 162 games?  Baseball has a long season. 162 games is a lot of games. And some games can go on for hours. See how long is a … Read more

How Do MLB Playoffs Work?

How do mlb playoffs work

The MLB playoffs determine the year’s champion in a series of intense matchups. Understand the structure, teams involved, and the path to the World Series. Understanding the divisions Before you understand the playoff berths, you need to remember how the divisions are set up. There are three divisions in each of the separate leagues. The … Read more

What is a Utility Player in Baseball?

What Is a Utility Player in Baseball

A utility player in baseball is a versatile talent, capable of playing multiple positions and adapting to different in-game situations, making them invaluable assets to their teams. Let’s delve into the role and significance of these on-field chameleons. Who do you use as a utility player?  You may find a utility player on your roster … Read more

What is a Sacrifice in Baseball?

What Is a Sacrifice in Baseball

A sacrifice in baseball refers to a strategic play where a batter deliberately makes an out to advance a base runner, enhancing the team’s scoring potential. This selfless act comes in two forms: a sacrifice bunt or a sacrifice fly. Let’s delve into the tactics behind sacrifices and their impact on the game’s outcome. The … Read more

What Are the 5 Skills in Baseball?

Baseball Skills

The five skills of baseball are running, fielding, throwing, hitting, and hitting for power. This article will describe these skills in detail and explain the terminology and strategy needed for players to succeed. Running Running is most important for offensive players. When a player makes a hit, he will begin to run to first base. … Read more

What Does WAR Mean in Baseball?

What Is WAR in Baseball The Complete Guide

In baseball, WAR stands for Wins Above Replacement. It’s a comprehensive statistic that quantifies a player’s total contributions to their team, estimating how many more wins the player is worth compared to a replacement-level player at the same position. What is WAR? WAR is a metric that quantifies how a player impacts the team, either … Read more

What is a Pinch-Hitter in Baseball?

A pinch-hitter in baseball is a substitute for the starting player at any time during the game. Pinch hitters are usually used to provide a spark to the offense or to avoid giving up an out by having a weaker hitter bat in place of a better hitter. There are many strategies involved with using … Read more