Best BBCOR Bats: The Top 5 Certified Bats In 2024

Written by Mark Bailey
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If you’re joining a High School or College baseball team and want to stand out, then you’ll need one of the best BBCOR bats available. This guide will take you through what a BBCOR baseball bat is, how to pick between the best ones, and also provide you with links to buy and review the best BBCOR-certified bats on the market in 2024.

What is a BBCOR Bat?

BBCOR stands for Ball Bat Coefficient of Restitution, but saying BBCOR is obviously a lot easier and better! When the ball makes contact with the bat, a certain amount of energy is lost, and this is how BBCOR certification is determined. If you’re looking to play in a new league or at a new level of play, you may need a bat that is BBCOR-certified.

Certain requirements need to be fulfilled for a bat to be BBCOR certified:

  • When BBCOR tested, it must register a rating of 0.50 or less.
  • The barrel diameter of the bat must not exceed 2.625 inches.
  • The length-to-weight ratio cannot be more than -3.
  • The length of the bat must be 36 inches or shorter.

The BBCOR certification was introduced on the grounds of safety; the old ratio of old-style aluminum bats did not properly protect players, particularly pitchers, from dangerous and high-speed line drives. As of this writing, BBCOR bats are really only a requirement at High School or Collegiate level, but these bats are slowly becoming introduced in little league baseball. The 10-14 year old range is seeing an increase in BBCOR bats due to the potentially lethal force that can be generated.

If you are unsure whether you need a BBCOR bat for your particular league, it’s best to consult with your league officials to determine if a bat of this type is a requirement or not. The below video from ESPN Sports & Science will help explain exactly why BBCOR bats were introduced:

Finding a BBCOR Bat To Fit Your Style

Finding your first or even a new BBCOR bat as a High School or College level player can be a daunting and confusing task, so let us simplify it for you! You may already have a preferred brand when it comes to baseball bats; this is the case for many baseball players. Developing a ‘comfort’ with a certain brand of a bat is only natural.

All baseball players have certain styles when it comes to hitting. If you’re a tall, muscular player, you may be looking for a hard hitter, whereas a smaller player would look for a bit more balance. Naturally, some bats are better than others, so it’s important to decide what style you’re looking for when picking between the best BBCOR bats available.

BBCOR Bats: Pros and Cons

Like anything, BBCOR Bats come with advantages and disadvantages. Some will be more of a problem than others. For example, if less of a pop would bother you, a BBCOR bat would be a disadvantage as seen below. If it wouldn’t bother you, it’s not a disadvantage at all! Take a look at our pros and cons:

Advantages of BBCOR Bats

Larger Sweet Spot – Hitting the sweet spot and smashing those home runs is never easier than with a BBCOR bat. The even trampoline effect on the bat gives BBCOR bats a bigger sweet spot, a bigger target, and an even bigger distance.

Top Durability – BBCOR bats go through rigorous testing to ensure they can be certified and used, making them a lot more durable and long-lasting than their counterparts, such as wood bats. You’re much less likely to break a bat of this type.

Reduced Injuries – As seen in the video above, BBCOR bats are specifically designed to protect the players in the field. Player safety and injury are now much less of a concern when these bats are used.

Player Performance – The design of BBCOR bats means players need to work harder than ever to hit the ball in the right spot; this increases player accuracy and skill when used over time.

Disadvantages of BBCOR Bats

Less Pop – Because of the bat design, there is less pop when hitting a ball than there would be with other bat types. This is a problem for some players and no problem at all for others; it all depends on how much you like that pop!

Cost – BBCor bats don’t come cheap but are worth it for their durability and lifespan alone. The initial cost is high, but it’s one that can prove beneficial in the long term.

Conclusion and Our Pick

It takes research and some testing to find the ideal BBCOR bat that suits you, and they don’t come cheap; because these are the only bats allowed at high school and college level, retailers/vendors hike up the prices.

In our opinion, out of all the best BBCOR bats you could buy, we would plump for the Easton 2019 Project 3 Adv. It’s one of the pricier options out there, but as the old saying goes, you get what you pay for. If you want a top bat in 2021, then look no further. This is simply one of the best BBCOR bats you can buy and is suitable for a wide variety of hitters.

If you’re not required to have a BBCOR bat and want a cheaper option, you might want to consider having a look at some of the best wood bats instead. We also have a dedicated article for young hitters, highlighting the best youth baseball bats available.