Best Bat For Tee Ball: The Top 3 Choices For 2024

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Tee Ball – the place where every aspiring baseball player makes their start in the game. To make the best possible start in the game (also known as TBall), it’s important that you find the best bat for tee ball that you can.

This is where I and Baseball Bible come in to help! This buyer’s guide will give you all the information you need on Tee Ball and what to look for when trying to find the right baseball bat for your son or daughter.

What Is Tee Ball?

Tee Ball is a light, fun introduction to the world of Baseball and Softball.

The game is for young players, usually aged between 4 and 6 but can be as young as 3 and as old as 7, and is specifically designed to gently introduce young kids to the sport.

TBall Kid

Most of the rules of the game are the same as that of Baseball and Softball, but Tee Ball is played on a smaller field, similar to a Little League or Youth Baseball field.

The game is all about letting the kids have fun and develop a growing love for the sport while also developing their ball-game skills for use in Little League and youth baseball as the child gets older.

Things To Consider When Buying A Tee Ball Bat

Use of Equipment

Tee Ball bats are not meant for anything other than TBall play; the balls used in the game are much softer than regular baseballs.

The bats are designed for use with these balls – if you start using one of these bats with regular balls, you’re going to find that the bat will crack very easily.

Make sure it’s definitely a Tee Ball bat that you need; if your kid is slightly older than this level, we recommend looking instead at our recommendations of the best bats for youth baseball.

Tee Ball Game

Length, Weight, and Drop

As with any form of baseball, the length, weight, and drop of the bat are important.

The length of the bat means exactly what it says; this is measured from the very bottom of the bat (the knob) to the very top (the barrel).

The weight of the bat is measured in ounces; bats for tee balls are in the 13 to 18-ounce range – nice and light for a young player.

The drop of the bat is calculated by the length of the bat minus the weight. For example, a bat measuring 27 inches and 14 ounces will have a drop weight of -13.

Bats at this level of play will vary in drop from -10 to -13. -10 will be on the heavier side and require more strength to swing the bat. -13 will be on the lighter side and thus be lighter to swing.

We would recommend looking more towards the middle to end of the scale; your child will greatly benefit from a lighter bat at this stage of their life.

Bat Size Chart

The above sizing chart will help you work out whereabouts your kid falls on the scale – measure their height and weight, then use the chart to find your target range.

You will likely find that most children will have a bat in the 26-inch range; if your kid is slightly bigger for his age, maybe 27 inches.


The final aspect of a bat to pay attention to is the diameter size of the barrel.

The bigger the size of the barrel, the more bat there is for the ball to make contact with.

Best Bat For Tee Ball

Bigger barrels will make it much easier for your young hitter to strike the ball, as there is naturally more of a target on the bat.

Smaller barrels offer less room for error, which will prove beneficial in the long run and develop a hitter’s “eye” for the ball faster.

Best Bat For Tee Ball: The Top 3

Now you’re more familiar with the game and know about the type of bat you’re looking for, it’s time to check out our choices.

You may be very new to the sport, especially if you’re buying for your first kid.

Some of the brands and names can be confusing, but rest assured we will fully explain our reasons behind our picks.

1. Easton ADV1

Easton ADV1

Five StarsAmazon

If you are familiar with Baseball, you will have heard of the Easton brand. If you’re not, they are effectively the grandfather of the industry.

The Easton ADV1 has received rave reviews ever since it came onto the scene last year and is highly regarded as the best bat for tee ball in 2020.

Why? It is simply extremely well made and is probably the lightest bat (-13) you can find with such a big barrel (2 5/8 inches).

The lightness of the bat makes it easy for any young kid to swing, and the big-sized barrel gives a nice target for that perfect pop!

Importantly, the bat is USA approved for use in ALL kids’ leagues.

At its current price, it comes in at the top end for bats at this level; but thankfully, these bats are nowhere near as expensive as youth and adult bats, and the value for money is unquestionable.

2. Rawlings 2022 Quatro Pro (TBall)

Rawlings 2020 Quatro Pro TBall

Five StarsAmazon

Rawlings is another highly respected name in the world of baseball, used by youth, amateur, and professional players.

You may be wondering where you’ve seen the Quatro Pro name before; we named the Rawlings 2020 Quatro Pro youth baseball bat as our best pick for 2020. You can see the full review on the youth version of this bat at the link.

The TBall counterpart is also extremely high up when it comes to picking the best bat for tee ball. It follows the same design as its youth equivalent, so it’s bound to be damn good.

Armed with a big barrel design like the ADV1, the Quatro Pro comes in at a drop of -11 – a nice balance between heavy and light and the perfect combination of power and speed.

Once more, this bat is USA approved for use in all t-ball leagues.

3. Easton Alpha Tee Ball

Easton Alpha Tee Ball

Four and a Half StarsAmazon

We head back once more to the tried and trusted Easton Brand, and for good reason.

The Easton Alpha is another from the range that really offers value for money and a long life span.

The difference between the ADV1 and the Alpha? The weight. This bat comes in at a drop of -10, making it the heavier of the two options.

This bat also comes with a smaller barrel, which will go much further in developing the hitter’s eye for the ball, making it a more ‘fun-but-slightly-serious’ option.

Although not considered our overall best bat, it is certainly the best bat in the -10 range.

Once more, the bat is approved for all t-ball leagues with its USA stamp.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’re confident that at LEAST one of the three choices for the best bat for tee ball above will be perfect for your kid; they all come in a range of sizes and specifications, so you’re certain to find one that is right for you.

Before you make a decision, you may have more questions about the sport that you don’t have the answers for. Hopefully, with our FAQ, you’ll find the answer you need.

What Age Is Tee Ball For?

As touched upon earlier in the post, the game at this level is played by youngsters between the ages of 3 and 7.

Can Girls Play Tee Ball?

Yes, absolutely! In fact, a lot of leagues have boys and girls playing together. The T-Ball USA Association estimates that 35% of the games’ players are girls, so your daughter will not be on her own by any stretch.

How Much Does Tee Ball Cost To Play?

This can vary, but there is generally a registration fee of between $60 and $90 – it is best to check with your local t-ball league.

Can’t see your question? Leave a comment on the article, or alternatively, contact us.