What Is the Ghost Runner Rule in Baseball?

What Is the Ghost Runner Rule in Baseball

Some of us feel like MLB owes us some money or at least some credit. With the addition of the “Ghost Runner Rule” (also known as the “Designated Runner” or “Automatic Runner”), you may have noticed that the fabrication of your childhood became a professional reality. The rule started as a way to limit injuries … Read more

What is SB in Baseball

what is sb in baseball

What does SB stand for in baseball? Stolen base, of course! This post will explore the art of stealing bases and provide tips on how to improve your success rate. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, read on to learn more about this important part of the game. SB stands for “Stolen Base” … Read more

Tagging Up In Baseball

Tagging Up In Baseball

Baseball rules are relatively simple. However, there are some nuances of the rules that players young and old have a hard time remembering in the moment. Sometimes these rules can make or break a big inning for your team. The rules for tagging up are one of those plays. It is important for your team … Read more