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One has to agree that there is a certain level of intricacy and intrigue when it comes to the design, manufacturing, and function of baseball equipment.  This holds true, especially in the case of the baseball bat. One such bat is the Easton Project 3 ADV, and guess what? Today we’ll be going over the details, from its precise manufacturing all the way down to how it handles in the field.

Baseball players that have spent years slowly perfecting the craft of batting, pitching, and running from base to base certainly have their skills and dedication to thank for their expertise and finesse in the sport.

However, no true avid baseball fan can deny the fact that having reliable sporting equipment to amplify and make use of a player’s capabilities also greatly influences how a game transpires and determines the chances of a team’s success.

This is especially true for a batter and his baseball bat. The right equipment must feel as if it is an extension of the player itself to guarantee a good performance in the art of swinging.

There’s more to the bat than just being an elongated lump of iron that’s meant to hit; a touch of science and engineering unfailingly goes into the production of the best quality baseball bats around.

So batter up and be sure to read on through because the Easton Project 3 ADV might just be what gives you that A-game all practitioners of the sport are craving for.

All Sides of The Bat

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Easton Sports

Easton was founded in 1922 and has never stopped growing ever since. With over 90 years of experience, Easton has become a big and revolutionary name in the world of baseball.

Combining ceaseless innovation and unbridled passion, the company is among the top suppliers of precision-crafted, high-performance premium bats that are bespoke for a wide variety of users, ranging from aspiring youth to adult professionals.

If you’re the type of person who’s particular about the manufacturer’s background, then you can rest assured with Easton.

This company has the history and progressive expertise to ensure anyone who buys from them gets a quality product that is durable, dependable, and made with cutting-edge design.

Easton Project 3 ADV

Not only is it the world’s leading developer of the trademark baseball bat, but it also offers a wide variety of sporting goods ranging from sports bags to catchers’ equipment, deservingly landing it the top spot in the list of most iconic baseball and softball brands.

The company’s commitment to producing groundbreaking technologies with only the best of materials has led to its long-running collaborations with well-known organizations such as Little League Baseball, USSSA Baseball & Softball, and USA Baseball & Softball.

Naturally, even the most nit-picky baseball enthusiasts need no further convincing when buying products from Easton. The sheer excellence and durability of the equipment speak for themselves.

Two-piece Composite

The Easton Project 3 ADV is a two-piece composite bat, meaning that its handle and barrel were created separately but are both made from the same material.

The bat features revolutionary construction with ISO CXN and lines up well with Easton’s proprietary NITROCELL foam to give you an excellent in-hand feel.

The firm grip that easily makes your hands position themselves makes batting home runs and hitting even the trickiest of pitches that much easier.

In addition to that, this particular bat’s handle is comparably stiffer than its predecessors, making the flex upon the impact of the ball less and the power, conversely, higher.

Back of Bat

Consistency plays a big part in most things, doubly so in baseball. It will do you well to keep in mind the composition of the bat, especially when picking one out.

As mentioned previously, both the handle and barrel of Project 3 are composite and, when simultaneously integrated with Easton’s definitive engineering, can undoubtedly provide one with a bat that can match a one-piece in terms of power potential.

Imagine all of those features just being the tip of the iceberg while finding out that this bat can offer so much more.

Aside from what was previously stated, it is also made with added damping that suppresses shock from the force of impact.

The Consistency of the Easton Project 3 ADV

We mentioned consistency because some two-piece bats have composite handles but aluminum alloy barrels and vice versa.

Though this isn’t necessarily a downside, having two separate pieces made from different materials in a single bat can make it function less optimally in certain scenarios.

Side of Bat

For example, composite as a material is lightweight, which makes swinging easier.

However, composite is also prone to cracking when subjected to extremely cold temperatures; suddenly, that composite handle isn’t looking too good in winter, is it?

Improved Barrel

The Easton Project 3 ADV’s barrel features LAUNCH COMP technology and provides you with a design that favors balance and performance due to the fact that even the most seasoned of players can easily be struck out swinging when working with faulty or unbalanced gear.

Barrel length is optimized and weight is evenly distributed throughout the entire barrel, giving you a good mix of power, speed, and control.

The bat’s center of gravity is improved to provide the user with a lesser risk of sloppy and clumsy swings, making it a good pick for newbies and trained baseball players alike.

Front of Bat Close Up

Not only that, but the longer barrel with a different composite also makes hitting a pitch with the bat’s sweet spot significantly easier. This “sweet spot,” when consistently hit, can be the deciding factor in whether or not you win a baseball match.

Being able to do so can increase the distance a batted ball can travel, maximize the energy transferred when hitting a pitch and reduce the vibrations or sting in a batter’s hands. That is why this feature significantly paves the way for a better batting performance.

A new speed cap offers better opportunities to utilize flexibility and responsiveness in-game. It also gives a naturally satisfying “pop” on impact, giving players a higher incentive and psychological reward for hitting a baseball rapidly flying towards them.

Custom Lizard Skins

Custom Lizard Skins are unique grips that are only available on Easton products. This allows you to make your bat your own and showcase your personality while simultaneously improving your performance tenfold.

If you want equipment that gives you access to one-of-a-kind designs that can help you cement your own trademark character in the industry, then this bat has got you covered.

Back of Bat Close Up

Project 3’s Custom Lizard Skin DSP provides you with a stiff, cushioned grip that features Power-Boost technology.

Who says that you have to compromise functionality for style and comfort? This design certainly says otherwise.

Optimized Knob

The new Easton Project 3 ADV handle design allows for a softer knob that reduces vibration and provides added comfort to the bottom hand, embodying a two-in-one solution for a player’s convenience and practicality needs.

When directly hitting a ball, the sting felt in the batter’s hands is dramatically reduced, regardless of whether you hit it correctly or not. This enables the batter to immediately focus on running towards the first base instead of getting distracted by the reverberation of the bat after hitting.

Side of Bat Close Up

Moreover, the soft “shell” found on the exterior of the knob, absent on other baseball bat models, adds a great feel to the batting experience.

This patent-pending design also means that users can have more leverage, allowing for greater power potential despite the bat being relatively lightweight. To top it all off, the rubber knob makes swinging comparatively smoother in comparison to what other bats offer their owners.


Nobody can deny that across the board, this bat is top-notch. In terms of structure, grip, balance, performance, style, and feel, it does not disappoint. Not only is it a respected and well-known brand, but it is also the perfect addition to the array of quality products that the brand boasts.

It is truly worthwhile and in line with the Easton Sport legacy. Its high versatility is very commendable, and the improvements it exhibits compared to previous models are undeniably remarkable.

Aside from this, the design and overall look of this bat are nothing short of futuristic, and the patent-pending design concepts, as well as the revolutionary manufacturing of this precision baseball instrument, have led us to include it in our list of top BBCOR baseball bats for 2020.

We’ve also made the Easton Project 3 Alpha our pick of 2020, so this range of bats from Easton has really lived up to all the hype they gave them.

Where To Buy The Easton Project 3 ADV?

Easton Project 3 ADV

Five StarsAmazon

Overall, the Easton Project 3 ADV comes with a strong lineup of noteworthy enhancements that make it absolutely worth the price.

It is a good investment of money, especially since the return from doing so is an unrivaled batting experience and a quality piece of sporting equipment.

Whether you are looking to start venturing into the field of baseball or are already aiming to further your skills in it, then look no further than this bat; it’s great for kids who are just starting out as well as pro and semi-pro adults who already have a baseball career.

Oh, and did we already mention that it looks totally rad?

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