How to Throw a Cutter Pitch

baseball pitcher cutter pitch

Cutter pitch explained A cutter pitch is a version of a fastball that is intended to break right before the pitch reaches home plate. It is also referred to as a “cut fastball.” The reason pitchers throw a cutter is to fool hitters into thinking they are seeing a regular fastball, then at the last … Read more

What is MVR In Baseball?

What is MVR

Mound visits remaining MVR is a baseball term that stands for Mound Visits Remaining. Mound visits are when a coach walks out to the mound to talk to his pitcher. Each visit is counted by the umpire since there is a limit. Mound visits can play an important part in the momentum of a game. … Read more

What is a Maddux in Baseball?

greg maddux

Maddux statistic explained A Maddux in baseball is a statistic named after Hall of Famer Greg Maddux. It is awarded to a starting pitcher that throws a complete game without allowing the opponent to score a single run. This feat must be accomplished in 99 pitches or less to become a Maddux. If a pitcher … Read more

Passed Ball vs Wild Pitch

baseball wild pitch passed ball

Part of the charm of baseball is the human element. Hitters miss pitches, runners get picked off and throws sometimes miss the mark. Runners advance and score because of passed balls and wild pitches. So what is the difference?  The main difference between a passed ball and a wild pitch is to whom the mistake … Read more