What Is a Double Steal in Baseball?

What Is a Double Steal in Baseball

This post dives into the topic of double steals in baseball – a strategic play that can create advantages and lead to exciting outcomes. Even if you don’t play baseball yourself, understanding double steals may help your next viewing experience become even more engaging. Let’s get started by providing a brief overview on what a … Read more

What Is a Triple-Double in Baseball?

What Is a Triple-Double in Baseball

A triple-double is a term you normally see in basketball. You may have never heard of it in baseball. However, baseball does have some form of its own triple-double. Read on to find out more about this elusive yet impressive feat! While there is no official statistic, there has been some usage of the term … Read more

What Is a Clean Inning in Baseball?

What Is a Clean Inning in Baseball

A clean inning means a pitcher had a dominant performance that inning. Another term for a clean inning is an immaculate inning. However, there are some differences between these terms. In this post, we’ll dive deeper into this concept by exploring its origins as well as its implications for a successful outing on the diamond. … Read more

What Is a Shutout in Baseball?

what is a shutout in baseball

If you’ve watched baseball games on TV or in-person, or perhaps just heard your friends talking about the game, chances are you’ve heard of a “shutout.” But what does it actually mean? In this blog post, we will explore that question by looking at how shutouts work in baseball, the history and evolution of this … Read more

What Is Magic Number in Baseball 

what is magic number in baseball

The magic number in baseball is used to discover how close teams are to clinching a playoff spot or a division title. During the regular season’s final weeks, the magic number for top teams becomes more prominent. A first-place team’s magic number is determined by the number of league games plus one, minus their number … Read more

What Does Bot Mean in Baseball?

Baseball Scoreboard

Baseball fans are likely familiar with the term “bot.” But for those who are new to the sport, you may be wondering: what does bot mean in baseball? In this blog post, we’ll break down the definition of bot and how it’s used in the game. So if you’re curious about the meaning of bot … Read more

What Is wRC+ in Baseball?

What Is wRC+ in Baseball

In baseball, there are many stats that can be used to evaluate a player. Some of these stats are well known, such as batting average and RBIs. But, some stats may be less familiar to fans, such as wRC+. What is wRC+, and what does it tell us about players? Let’s take a closer look. … Read more

What Is fWAR in Baseball?

What Is fWAR in Baseball

WAR stands for wins above replacement, and the f stands for FanGraphs. What does this all mean? Let’s dig in.  There are many different types of statistics used to measure players’ performance. With each metric, there are different styles or specific areas of focus. fWAR is one of those statistics. What is fWAR in baseball? … Read more

What is the Triple Crown in Baseball?

What is Batting Average in Baseball

If you’re a fan of baseball, then you’ve probably heard of the “Triple Crown.” But what is it, exactly? And who has won it? Keep reading to find out! To understand what the Triple Crown is, you have to consider all that hitters do. Every season, you will see some of the best offensive players … Read more

What Is a Hit in Baseball?

What Is a Hit in Baseball

If you’re a fan of baseball, you’ve no doubt heard the term “hit” used quite often. But there are different types of hits that can be recorded during a game. Let’s take a closer look at what constitutes a hit and some of the most common types. One of the goals in baseball is to … Read more